Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Christmas Starburst

My Christmas Round Ripple has a new name...ta da...

Christmas Starburst

I asked my readers for name suggestions and you didn't disappoint me.

Such lovely names were suggested...Winter Starflower, RickRack Glory and Confetti Star!

But in the end I choose Barbara F's suggestion...

"I am thinking that this would make a lovely tree skirt. It also reminds me of a 'starburst' - so perhaps "Christmas Starburst" for a name? xo"

I'm terrible with thinking up names so I really appreciate you all helping me out.  

I'm saving the names I didn't use here for the next projects.

Thanks everyone!

I wasn't sure about trying a round ripple at first.   

I modified the pattern - ok the truth - I couldn't figure out the pattern after the first couple rounds so I just did my own thing by adjusting the decreases in the valleys from two to four stitches as I went along to keep it flat. 

There is a slight ripple affect in the throw but I think it adds interest. 

If you are interested in more details I posted about this project (here), (here), (here) and (here) previously. 

I'll be adding details of the yarn and hook etc. used in Ravelry (go to left side bar and click on to go to site). 

I managed to use two of my novelty yarns in the edging...

...the dreaded Bernat Holidays eyelash yarn I posted about (here)...

...and a Bernat Puff Ball Holidays yarn in variegated dark green, white and red.

 I had never used the puff ball yarn before and tried crocheting it on using regular sitiches (single and/or double crochet) but didn't care for the results.  

I found if I turned the throw over to the wrong side and slip stitched the puff ball yarn on every other stitch (and every other puff) it formed a nice, neat ridge of puffs on top.

The last round is dark green:  *I started with a stitch in single crochet, next stitch do shell (double stitch, triple stitch, triple stitch, double stitch) then repeat* all around.

The edging with the puff ball yarn adds weigh and eliminates the tendancy of the edge to curl up.

The ripple measures about 58- 60 inches round with 41 rounds.    

What do you think?

Is it RED enough for Rednesday?

I showed it to Hubby and he said it was very festive.

It's one of my favorites now - of course it is - it's Christmasy and RED.

And there are more REDs to enjoy with our host, Sue, at 

It's A Very Cherry World

for REDnesday!

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Red lovers - wouldn't a number sign of your lucky number in RED look nice in your home hanging on your wall!  

For non-RED lovers there are other colors to choose from.

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  1. It turned out great, Sandy! Thanks for picking my suggestion. xo

  2. Oh this turned out really beautiful and I love the unique shape and trim.

  3. Sandy, it's wonderful. The trim is so fun and festive, for sure! Good job.

  4. This is adorable... You sound like me dealing with a pattern I just can't get. I just make up my own.
    I really love novelty yarns & I pick them up routinely & add them to my stash.
    Have a Peaceful Day!

  5. Beautiful! You should be proud of yourself because this is stunning! Love the colors!

    P.S. This music mesmerizes me. Beautiful and haunting at the same time!

  6. Beautiful beautiful beautiful, and the name suits perfectly!

    What a treasure and how cheerful it will be to look at all year.

  7. Love that edge! Whole thing looks great!

  8. It's fandabadosy Sandy I love the shape and the colours. You'll have to take some photographs of it in place at Christmas time.

  9. Your husband is right...it is very festive! Very nice job, indeed. I love the different textures, especially the eyelash fluff. It definitely looks like Christmas. Love it.

  10. A true work of art. The name you chose fits perfectly.

  11. Very Very Festive, what beautiful work...job well done girlfriend! Hugs, Diane

  12. I love this, very nice work Sandy. I've used that puff ball yarn at Christmas myself. I can be a chore to work with. Oh.
    I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award at:

  13. That is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the name too! Well, I just plain love your blogs!!! :o)

    Thanks for stopping by my new little blog also. I am going to check out Retired in Alaska at your suggestion! Come see me anytime, Sandy.

  14. Very pretty, Sandy. Congratulations on your STARBURST finish.

  15. Hi Sandy,
    Oh Yes...the name is perfect! I love how your blanket turned out and all the colors are just so pretty, all my favorites.
    I have not used the puff ball yarn yet.It looks really great.
    I am finishing up on a crochet blanket right now and hope to have it completed by Friday.
    Have a sweet day and I look forward to seeing your newest project
    Hugs, Elizabeth

  16. Your throw is gorgeous, I seriously love the red! And yes, it's perfect for Rednesday. I admire you who know how to crochet. Thanks for sharing with us at the party. Hugs ~ Mary

  17. What a lovely name for such a lovely artwork.;)
    I enjoyed hearing about your cars dear Sandy.;))
    Have a great rest of the week,

  18. Oh my gosh, you finished your afghan!!! LOVE how pretty it came out, and I'm really getting a kick out of that pom-pom/puffball edging!! Nice touch! ~tina

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