Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Don't Think It's Winter Here!

It's February 1st, sunny and beautiful here - 68 degrees F. warm!  

Maybe we don't need to go to Florida this month.  

Hubby is busy re-organizing and cleaning out our shed before he puts some of our Christmas decorations and trees out there.

I'm using my Teddy Bear napkin holder above to hold one of my crocheted dishcloths.  

I like it!

 I use to keep my crocheted dishcloths on display in this canister. 

 Then I got my Keurig single coffee server...

so now I put my overflow K-cups from boxes that have been opened here.

And I decided to actually use my crocheted dishcloths. 

When I first started to crochet again (for the 3rd time) when I retired I practiced different stitches and edgings making LOTS of dishcloths - giving them away as gifts to family and friends.

I like to use Sugar n' Cream 100% cotton - I must say this yarn makes wonderful dishcloths.  

And they wash up beautifully.

I'm thinking of making another dishcloth in red, pink and white yarn for Valentine's Day!

I hope it's as nice where you are today as it is here.

Stay tuned I may be having a super duper give-away soon.

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  1. So pretty & I love all the bright kitchen colors!!
    Warm here in Northeast Pennsylvania too!!
    Have A Great Day!!

  2. Hi Sandy, I am excited to hear about your giveaway!!! I love your dish cloths. I am going to look for that wool. What size hook would you suggest? I am very very rusty. It is 64 degrees here today. I was out and about and actually felt warm wearing a lightweight jacket. xo

  3. Your dishcloth is so pretty! I always knit and crochet myself a whole new stack of them every summer. I just love them. It's been unseasonably warm here in Illinois the last few days too.

  4. 60 degrees here is Missouri today. How can this be possible? We are all worried about what might come. Everything looks great. I love the dishcloths and look forward to your Valentine cloth. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  5. I love these pretty dishcloths. My mom used to crochet those a lot and I miss them.
    We haven't had winter here in West Texas yet, either. maybe we won't. I sure hope it snows some, tho.

    I am loving your little lights beneath your cabinets...looks COOL.

  6. Wish it was warm here in N.E. England we are about to enter a relly cold spell. Snow is on the way.