Friday, February 24, 2012

Spiral Potholder

Well I ended up frogging my spiral and starting over.

The second time my stitch count was correct.

One of my readers asked what could I do with these spirals? This particular pattern makes a pot holder. But think of the possibilities you could make small spirals and crochet them together to make a small throw - I think that would be very pretty. I also have a pattern for a dishcloth.

I spent today resting again. My head cold hasn't gone away yet so we haven't been over to the parks yet.

I sure will be glad when this cold is gone and I'm feeling better.

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  1. Spirals would make cute placemats too, red and white for Christmas would look like peppermint candies! Feel better, take some Vitamin C and stay hydrated. xo

  2. Your spiral potholder is beautiful. Fun aren't they?! I remember my first spiral. I had to frog and redo to. They also make really cute baby bibs. I have a pattern for one. If you are interested I could dig it out & find the source for you. Praying your cold goes away and you are completely healthy immediately! I have been fighting it for 2 weeks myself.
    Blessings to you!
    Happy Crocheting,