Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We're Off on Another Adventure!

 This is our travel van.

My Hubby does all of the driving and he likes to snack occasionally (...OK...I do too!) - mostly to break the monopoly of staring at the road while driving hundreds of miles a day.  
(How does he do that anyway - driving makes me so sleepy???)

Hey.. just because we're counting calories doesn't mean we deprived ourselves of our chocolate and other goodies.  Although I may experience some serious caffeine withdraw with leaving my Keurig at home.

This is our lounge area during the day and our bed at night.

Yeah...we like lots of pillows.

The red and blue bags contained our bathroom stuff - everything in them has already been put away in our small bathroom cabinets.

Shoes are in the plastic bags on the right and they are stored underneath the cushion. 

I bring lots of's sort of my thing.  Hubby has accepted it graciously.

All of our furniture in the van is covered with a fake type of leather fabric.  

It's wonderfully butterly soft but it's slippery as heck.  

The couch/bed is covered with many soft layers already - mattress pad, foam, fitted bottom sheet and blanket - so there's no sliding around on it.  

But the two cushions on each side of the van in front of the couch weren't covered.  So I decided to sew up some covers with some left-over muslin fabric I had on hand.

Just a simple draw-string cover.

Hopefully we won't slide off these cushions now.

It's amazing how much these little cabinets hold.

We have to be careful and not bring too much weight with us - there's not much payload capacity to the van.

Everything is packed now except for our computers.  

It seems weird to be done packing this early in the evening.
I guess I'll get a cup of coffee and take a break to watch some TV.
I want to let you know that my blogging and posting may not be as frequent while we are traveling as we are so depended on the internet services offered by the various campgrounds and hotels.

Believe it or not Walt Disney World's campground is one of the worst for blogging with pretty lousy internet service.  And Ft. Wilderness is rated 10/10/10 which is the best rating a campground can receive.  We tried their current internet service last year and it was so bad I asked for our money back and got refunded without any questions.

Tomorrow morning we will head south on another fun filled adventure to Florida and Walt Disney World.

Remember Disney's Lady and The Tramp?  It's one of my favorite childhood movies.

Listen to the fabulous Peggy Lee sing her famous Siamese Cat Song...

(don't forget to turn off my music at the bottom of the screen)

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  1. Hace a wonderful trip. Look forward to hearing of your adventures.

  2. Have a wonderful trip. I know what you mean about the Kuerig. I just turned mine on and shall have a cup shortly!


  3. Oh, I love your home away from home, what fascinating adventures ahead.;) Have a safe journey and looking forward to hear updates about your trip.,))

  4. Hi Sandy,
    We have a travel van too. A Roadtrek 190 Popular. We've had it for years. What model is yours? We love it for our road trips as we travel with our three Yorkies. I've done a few posts on the van and you can check them out on my blog and just type VAN in the search box. I'd love to exchange van ideas with you. Now I'm in the mood for a road trip! Haven't been to Disney in years and we live in Ft. Lauderdale.
    Happy travels!

  5. Hi Sandy, what a lovely 'home-on-wheels'. hope you have a great trip, look forward to reading all about it.
    Carol xx

  6. oh my, I can't stop staring at those candy containers Sandy! Have a wonderful time! :)

  7. It's amazing how much you have packed in your van have a good trip.

  8. Loved seeing the inside of the van - you are so neat and organized. I'm trying to decide between the Class B and Class C. I'm afraid my hubby would prefer the Class C with a little more room, but you are so right about being able to drive down the back roads. I imagine the mileage is better with a B as well.