Sunday, February 26, 2012

Eating In

I'm still sick with my head cold. I had my worst night last night. Coughed all night long. This isn't how Hubby and I planned to spend our time here at Ft. Wilderness Walt Disney World. It's a bummer!

Particularly since I've been sick we have been eating more meals in our little travel van. Here's a meal I fixed before I got sick. We have a cute little round table that's easy to setup and takedown. It's also easy to get around it too.

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  1. Could you have your dr. phone in a script to a nearby pharmacy? You might need a cough syrup. Take care. xo

  2. I hope you fell well soon!
    Gloria x

  3. You poor thing. Get well soon so you can get out and enjoy your vaca. Sleep does the body good. At least, you will know every nook and crannie of you new camper. Sleep tight, Kate

  4. Oh my. I had hoped you were better by now. Hope each day will get better.


  5. Oh Jeez...sorry you are sick on your camping trip!
    I hope you get well enough soon to enjoy the rest of your trip.

  6. So sorry you are still sick. What a bummer for your vacation!!! Praying good health finds you right away. I can't lose my sinus infection. I am on round 3 of antibiotics. Was even hospitalized 6 weeks ago. Just won't go away. I think we are ready for good old summertime!

  7. Hope you feel better soon and you can hit the parks. Love your Tinkerbell plate my 25yr old daughter would be so jealous.

  8. Hi Sandy,
    Oh no you are fun you are suppose to be having fun on vacation. I hope you feel better so you can enjoy Disney World.Somethimes it's better just to enjoy some quite and a meal and rest so you feel better.
    Big hugs, Elizabeth