Saturday, February 18, 2012

Having Fun Eating Out!

On our way to Atlanta, GA, we stopped for lunch in Charlotte at one of my favorite restaurants, 

Mini's Cafe.  

I had this delicious mixed berry crepes meal.

I was so excited when I found a Mini's Cafe on the GPS as we were going around Charlotte!

I love this restaurant with it's lovely New Orleans decor and delicious meals.

We've been to them in Illinois, Ohio, Virginia, Florida and now North Carolina. 

I still can't believe there are none where we live in SE Pennsylvania.  

Tonight we're going to a wedding and tomorrow heading south to Florida and Walt Disney World.

We love this movie!  

Who would ever think a movie with a rat in a restaurant would be adorable!

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  1. I have never eaten at this restaurant but it looks like it would be a fun place to visit. Hope you have a great time in Florida. Say hello to Goofy for me!

  2. I know this is your favorite place to be. Have a great trip and glad to see you got that camper on the road. I'll be back for weather checks. And say hello to Minny for me.

  3. Making another attempt to post a comment but the word verification is acting up! Say hello to Mickey, Donald,all 7 Dwarfs (is it dwarves?) and the rest of the gang! xo

  4. Oh yum! Your strawberry crepes look delicious! I think they have one of those places here. I'll have to go check it out.

  5. I love crepes. Yum! I hope you enjoy Disney! :D