Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crochet & Coffee

Crochet and Coffee!

I'm having a very relaxing Sunday morning doing a little crocheting on my Christmas Round Ripple, playing with my new iPhone and drinking some delicious coffee made with my new Keurig single coffee maker.

How do you like my red iPhone cover?

That's Jessie from "Toy Story" as my background screen.  

After posting this I'm off to our finished basement to finish putting all the Christmas boxes away in their storage area. 

 How about some more of my crocheted reds to look at.

I love color...lots of it!

My crocheted throws...

Let's add their names shall we....

I can't pick a favorite.

Can you?

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  1. Love the reds! I always lean toward muted colors which doesn't make sense because I love these bright colors. Coffee and crochet...can't think of anything better!

  2. I really love ALL of your blankets! My favorite is still the red one in the bottom left of that last picture. You know that has always been a favorite of mine. Glad I don't have to pick just one though!

  3. Very nice photo of the afghans, Sandy. My favorite is the candy cane. :-)

  4. Hi Sandy
    I lOve all of your crochet throws - I can't choose either!!!
    You're so good at colour combinations.

    Hope you're having a good weekend over there!!

    Shane in New Zealand

  5. I love all your throws!
    So colorful.

    I just have to say...I was looking through some old posts and way back when...before moving to my current were one of my first followers!

    I've met the neatest people along my bloggy way--- you're one of them.


  6. Yep, I love Springtime the best. you certainly have assembled a collection of them. Sounds like you had a very productive weekend. Did you get everything stowed away?

  7. Love all the reds. It's impossible to pick a favorite, they are all so wonderful.

  8. Now, this is a tough one. Let's see. My top two are Alaska and American Beauty. Maybe, it's because you took us all along on those trips. The best thing is you name know, it's all about the name...he-he.... And by the way, I would not of expected any other color phone case but RED for you.

  9. Red is always the best! I'm sure you'll love your new iPhone as I sure love using mine, it takes better photos than my Nikon. The throws are all wonderful color combos too!!

  10. Oh my, all those throws are so pretty!! As for a favorite, I think it's a tie between Alaska and Merry Kringle! Just beautiful!! Your round ripple is looking great too!