Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunny Day in Florida!

It's a beautiful sunny day at Ft. Wilderness (Walt Disney World, Florida)!

Hubby put the awning and chairs out. I thought maybe the warm sun would help fight my head cold. Yes, that nasty thing is still here. After a good morning yesterday when I finally started to feel better ...the rain came and my sinuses went mad again...followed by another horrible sleepless night with non stop coughing. I'm starting to feel sorry for myself...whining to all of you. I can't help it. Why is it that a simple common cold can make me so miserable? Part of the reason is colds usually turn into sinus infections for me. And I'm praying this one doesn't.

Here's a Mickey Mouse made out of pine cones...of which there is an endless supply of both here!

As Mickey says - See you soon!

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  1. Very cute Mickey Pinecone!
    Glad you have found some sunshine (we had some in Yorkshire today too) and that you are starting to feel a little better.
    Carol xx

  2. You get better now kiddo. What a bummer on vaca. I'm just taking a break to work on some BP and Panic stuff I got going on. I'm sure I'll be back, but needed to focus on my health for a while and not over stress about my blog. Hope you are back up and running soon. I promise to keep in touch.

  3. Oh you poor dear! Old remedy that works wonders for non-stop coughing, especially at night: slather Vick's VapoRub over the bottoms of your feet, put some socks on, and go to sleep.

    Hope this helps!!!!

  4. Thanks Shani - I'm ready to try anything!

  5. So sorry,poor you.I hope you get better very soon,so you can enjoy the lovely sunshine. :0)