Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Round Ripple & Storage Solutions

I love all of these Christmas yarns!

I have a couple of crochet projects on hold (i.e., running out of yarn colors) and haven't touched my hooks in quite awhile.  Yesterday I was watching TV and thought about all the Christmas yarns I bought so I jumped up and gathered them all together...actually I threw them in a pile on the floor.  

What to make?  

I found two free round ripple patterns (here) and (here).  

Started one...couldn't follow the pattern so I tried the other one.  I couldn't follow that pattern either so I just did my own stitches after the third round making sure each round is not curling up.

This is what I've done so far.  

I don't know if it will be a large ripple throw or a huge doily when I'm done.

If it doesn't lie flat as I add more rounds I will probably frog it.

New Storage for our CDs

Today Hubby and I rearranged our DVD and CD storage. 

We moved our CD collection to a small dresser in our foyer.  Now that we have all of our music loaded on iTunes (and on our iPhones) we don't need to access the original CDs like we use to.

Believe it or not all of our CDs fit into the four drawers.  

I bought this little wooden dresser  ~ while single and in college ~ at a yard sale for $8.

I think I got my money's worth out of it since we still have it over 40 years later.    

CDs moved out and half our of DVD collection moved in.
We moved our animated, comedy, Christmas and chick flicks into the living room wall storage units.

Family Room DVD wall storage

We left the action, Sci-Fi, drama and westerns flicks in the family room wall storage.  

Sorry this photo is blurred (i.e., low light).

We bought these five wall units from Ikea several years ago.  

I like that they are notched out at the bottom for the baseboards so they lie flat against the wall.

We are going to have to get more serious about our storage for our collections in 2012.

But for now I have to thank my Hubby (he's a great packer!) for coming up with this temporary storage solution.  

He knew I was getting upset about the clutter.  

Love you Honey!  

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  1. What lovely yarn! It would be hard to choose what to make. Love the storage idea!

  2. Great organization, Sandy. You have lots to watch and listen to there. xo

  3. It must be the season for 'it'! Exactly what I've been doing today, rearranging and sorting out storage. Our's isn't finished yet as we need to get some shelves but that is tomorrow's job.
    Carol xx

  4. Yes, he is a gem Sandy. You certainly have heaps of DVDs. They quickly multiply don't they? Trouble is we don't watch many of them over and over. Tony has his favourites "" and I have mine " Love Actually" but other than that I lose interest in them. Perhaps we should donate them to a Retirement Village or something.

  5. This round ripple is going to be awesome! It's amazing how you can take a pile of these Christmas colors and create something so beautiful. You are so talented; it will be fun to see how this projects develops. Love the organization too!

  6. That red white and green crochet is just lovely.It will make a wonderful throw for next christmas.