Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Day at Magic Kingdom!

It is a very special day at Walt Disney World - The Magic Kingdom today. In honor of Leap Year day the park is open from 6 AM to the following 6 AM - 24 hours of magic!
Even though I had another sleepless night and felt miserable when I got up at 10 AM, I decided if I felt better after a shower and lunch we would go over to the Magic Kingdom for the afternoon. Hubby made early supper reservations at the Liberty Tavern in Frontierland for us. It's the first time we ate there - the food was delicious - the only negative is - it could had been warmer.

It was a beautiful sunny day reaching 88 degrees but luckily with just a tad humidity. We took these photos with our iPhone.

We're in paradise!
I'm crossing my fingers I can get some sleep tonight.
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  1. Dear Sandy, I just returned from winter vacation and am trying to catch up. Please enjoy your beautiful time in warmer weather.;)) Here it seems that winter is ending and we have some gorgeous early spring weather.;))