Saturday, September 4, 2010

Talkeetna, Alaska

In early July we stayed in Talkeetna, Alaska for a few days.   Talkeetna is about a two and 1/2 hour drive from Anchorage, the largest town in Alaska.  

Here are some photos of main street Talkeetna.  The street is lined with cute, little one cabin shops like the one in the mosaic.  I loved the wooden moose statues placed throughout the town too.  

One of the town's major events is the Moose Dropping celebration held each July for the past 37 years.  When we asked the RV park host about the event this year he said "It ain't goin' happen'!"  According to him it was attracting a drinking crowd that knew this small town (of less than approximately 1,000 population) didn't have it's own police force.

Although the town of Cicely from the television series Northern Exposure is widely thought to be patterned after Talkeetna filming of that series actually took place in Roslyn, Washington.

A patriotic Moose.

Example of a one room cabin used as a shop.

A rustic moose with pearls.

We had a delicious supper at The Wildflower Cafe.

Another cute shop called the "Mostly Moose" gift shop.

A restaurant right next to our RV park.  Isn't this a fun way to advertise?

Our RV spot in Talkeetna.

If you are ever in Alaska don't miss visiting this delightful town.  

Oops, I forgot to mention we are home!  We arrived home yesterday from our Alaska summer journey after 105 travel days and over 13,000 miles driven.  Needless to say we are glad to be home.

Sandy at Teacup Lane

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  1. Glad that you had a safe trip back and forth and got to see and share with us so many amazing things!!


  2. Welcome home - your pictures of your trip were just lovely. :)

  3. Of course another fun posting. We sure are glad to have you home safely. 13,000 miles, wow.... have a nice rest this weekend and hope to see you back in full swing soon.


  4. Hi Sandy,
    What a cute little town! I am glad to hear you have arrived safely back home. What an adventure you have had.

  5. Very nice photos of Talkeetna. We went through in 01. I remember hearing about the town having to drop that moose celebration as all hell broke out.

  6. Welcome home Sandy, I am so sure you are so very happy to be home. Now it is time to savor all the experiences and start to recollect.
    I used to be a great fan of Northern Exposure.;) Love all the images here.;)
    Have a lovely Sunday,

  7. and I'm sure you found some yarn!!!
    Really great post Sandy.
    i hope we read some more!
    Hugs Suex

  8. What a wonderful trip you have shared with us, Sandy. Thank you so much.
    This little town looks wonderful, would love to see it

  9. Ah the last line says it all ... we're glad to be home! I was wondering . Yoy have been away for so long ... really the whole Summer but what a great trip you have had. I guess when you have such comfortable accommodation you don't miss home so much.
    I guess you will be making the most of the last of the Summer weather now that Autumn is almost upon us ( we are officially in Autumn now in Australia )

  10. Hi!

    I saw the word ALASKA and just had to look at your blog! We took a cruise to Alaska in 2010 and loved it!!!