Wednesday, September 22, 2010

REDnesday - Santas

1. A Very Merry Christmas!, 2. Fabulous Vintage Santa Image, 3. checking his list, 4. Santa face Christmas tree ornament, 5. Vintage Santa Claus Calls All Good Children, 6. Santa says:, 7. Vintage Christmas Skating Santa Ornament, 8. mickey candy cane, 9. Santa, 10. Oh Santa! Why do you look at me that way?, 11. Papai Noel, 12. Hello Santa, 13. He is watching you, 14. "His cheeks were like roses....", 15. Santa in the Box, 16. Vintage card

I love Santas

I found all of these wonderful Santa Claus images in Flickr.  

You can click on each image or legend to go directly to that image to see it in full size.  

Aren't these wonderful?  

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Sandy at Teacup Lane
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  1. I Love all these Santas. I'm in the mood for Christmas working on my new Christmas Cards, so it's been fun to see your Santas too. I adore the pansy teacups that you showed too, they are so so pretty :) I just love tea parties. Catherine x

  2. I love Santa Claus! Such a great mosaic, featuring just about every kind of Santa imaginable!
    Happy REDnesday!

  3. I just LOVE Santa too. Thank you for the magical post.

  4. That is a very lovely photo collage of santas!

  5. What a wonderful, happy post. What has more glee then a page of Santas. Thanks for the smiles.

  6. love this montage.i wanted to know how you created this with the #'d blogs at the bottom.
    I have looked and looked, but have no idea.

  7. Love all the Santas...which reminds me, Christmas is just around the corner!