Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Coming Up Pansies

It's Teacup Lane joining all the Tea Parties!

Look at this little purple beauty I bought on our trip to Alaska in a gift shop in Cardston, Alberta (Canada) at the Remington Carriage Museum.  

As soon as I saw this lovely teacup I had to have it.

Aren't the purple and violet pansies just gorgeous?

I love PURPLE!

Lovely...lovely...just lovely!

Even a flower inside the cup...

This is my first LUXFORD Fine Bone China (Made in England).  The Sales Lady said it is getting harder and harder for them to find vintage china teacups made in England.

I'll leave you with a beautiful photo of pansies I took while touring around Alaska.

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Sandy at Teacup Lane
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  1. The Tea Cup is beautiful!! I love Pansy's & plant them every year!!
    Have A Great Day!!

  2. Lovely cup and saucer! I too like to plant pansies every year- they remind me of my Granddad. He under planted his rose bushes with them.

  3. I sent you an email answering your Ravelry Button question. I used the email in your profile.

    Pretty teacup and saucer. I love purple too!

  4. Hi Sandy,
    Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. The pansy teacup is gorgeous and the colours are stunning! A beautiful pattern! You did a lovely job photographing them too. Love the pansies from Alaska! Thanks for sharing your beauties and enjoy your day.


  5. Hi Gal! LOVE the purple...especially since I'm not much of a pink gal!! Just lovely! And the pansies, too!!
    Hope all is well with you! What are you crocheting for the holidays??
    Have a joyful week!

  6. The real pansies are beautiful...such a bright and perky flower they are.

    And your purple pansy teacup is beautiful too. There were many years (teens/twenties/thirties) where purple was my all-time favorite color. Now I'm in my 40's', and my color palette has changed a bit...pink, white, and green. But I gravitated to anything purple for years...almost like a magnet.

    Today I showed a purple pansy teacup as well. I guess we had similar thoughts this morning (or last night, when I did my post).

    Blessings to you,

  7. Luxford? I have never heard of that company before. I love seeing cups from makers I don't know. This cup is just gorgeous. I love the purple pansies and the gold gilt is fab on it.
    Your photo of pansies is beautiful as well.
    Thank you so much for sharing your lovely tea cups with us today.

  8. I love your pansy Tea Cup !
    Visiting you has been a pleasure

  9. Sandi. I think this is your nicest tea cup. I LOVE it. It is just beautiful. I have one with little violets on it but yours is better !

  10. Beautiful colors, great photos.

  11. What wonderful colors this tea cup is!! I love purple and come to think of it, I don't know why I don't have a purple or lavender room in my home????? I do have deep purple accents in my upstairs bathroom. When I was a teenager, I painted my bedroon grape sherbet!! Loved it.
    A totally stuning tea cup!!


  12. That is beautiful, you have such a sense for presentation and composition.;) Have a lovey day dear Sandy,

  13. Hi Sandy,
    Your teacup is beautiful, love the purple pansies. My mom would grow pansies when I was a little girl so I am reminded of her when I see them. Have a wonderful day!

  14. Dear Sandy,

    I am so delighted to have you partake with my little corner of, 'Tuesday And Wednesday Tea Time In Blogland'!.., Your post with the beautiful Violet teacup is just delightful!

    Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous find with us!..,

    My Wednesday teaparty is now up if you'd care to share another 'cuppa'; I'm so delighted to have been able to post some pics of when my dear friend Pam of,'Breath Of Fresh Air', blog recently visited!..,

    Have a marvelous week!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

  15. Oh I love this pretty cup. More and more stuff like this is being made in China now.

  16. That is a beautiful violet teacup. Your photos are great too.

  17. What an incredibly beautiful teacup!

  18. Hi Sandy, I just came across a full dinner set of this pattern (Luxford) and cant find it anywhere on the net except for your teacup, must be very hard to find. I got eggcups, dinner plates, teacups/saucers, salt pepper, candle snuffs and candle holders sugar creamer and more. If anyone is interested in purchasing all of it send me an email wc4free@shaw.ca