Monday, September 6, 2010

Merry Kringle Finished At Last

I loved the Christmas colors in my Merry Kringle throw.  

I mostly made up the edging as I went except for the last yellow, blue and green rounds I used an edging from one of my pattern books.  I didn't like the stitching the pattern used on the last round of red so I changed it.   

That's what I love about crocheting - it is so easy to modify.

Another look at the colorful edging.

I can hardly wait to display this beautiful throw at Christmas time!  

Here you can see the large 36 center granny squares surrounded by the solid small granny squares and then the edging.

I finished Merry Kringle just we were winding up our road trip to Alaska. 

Unfortunately, I've been under the weather with a nasty cold since arriving home Friday.  I've had a couple sleepless nights but luckily have been able to sleep during the morning hours when my coughing has lessened.

I'm wishing everyone a Happy Labor Day here in the USA!  Don't forget to fly your Stars and Stripes!

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Sandy at Teacup Lane
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  1. Hi Sandy! Finally have my shop open and can do some visiting!! Wow gal! Your Merry Kringle is delightful! I love that edge! It is amazing! Love that you made it up as you went along!!

    Hope your summer has been good! So sorry to hear that you got a summer cold! BLEH! I'm a little stuffy today myself!

    Hugs to you gal!
    Have a great week!

  2. good heavens we forgot our flag, Bob is putting it out right now. I simply adore your quilt, it's all perfect to me, the colors, and the design. I'm sure you are thrilled with it too. Nan

  3. Sorry that you are unwell but home is the best place to be sick isn't it?
    Love the new throw. Did you make the design up yourself?

  4. What a beautiful Christmas blanket - so perfect for that time of year. Change that to ALL year round

  5. This is just so beautiful and you take the most incredible presentation pictures;))
    have a great day dear Sandy,

  6. That is lovely. My grandmother used to crochet afghans just like that right up until she died at age 102. Thanks for the memory of her!!

  7. Beautiful throw!! I love those bright and happy colors!!

    Susan and Bentley

  8. That is a very pretty blanket. I like your color combos.

  9. How finished it. Seriously...this is such a cute throw. The colors are perfect and the design is just charming. Great work! Thanks so much for sharing with us on Redenesday.

  10. Oh honey, you've got to have that beauty out all year round! Love the color combination - all four of my favorites!

  11. What a fun, cozy throw, I love it! Hope you feel better soon!

  12. Oh I would so be displaying that now. Even though it's hard to think of a warm cozy afghan when it's 90 degrees outside. LOL!
    The color combo is perfect! Great job.
    Have a great day.

  13. This turned out beautifully! I love the edging and the softness it gives to the squares. It is a great design. The pillowcases you won are beautiful work. I know you will enjoy them. Hope you are feeling better! Welcome home!

  14. That is awesome. What a great colors- I agree with Sweet Bee Cottage-you should have it out year round. Hope you start feeling better!

  15. Oh boy! That's a beautiful aghan. THanks for sharing.

  16. Your afghan is so charming, I love the edging!

    Take good care of yourself, hoping you feel better lickety split!

    Happy Rednesday,

  17. You do excellent crochet work. That is a lovely design you made. I never learned to do that. I have a lot of pieces that are vintage.

  18. Hi Sandy!
    What a great throw. I love those colors together. Hope you're feeling better.

  19. This is so beautiful - it's nice to see it finished. I love the colors and still feel inspired to try to make one of my own.

  20. Fantastic!! Two of my favoutite things rolled into one, you have made a gorgeous you can't wait to snuggle up under it at Christmas :-)


  21. Your blanket is beautiful.
    I've enjoyed looking aroun your blog. xx

  22. Here I am.... Sorry, I'm late. This is awesome. I love all the colors and that border is too die for cute.