Saturday, August 4, 2012

Working Popcorns

Last night while watching (DVR'd) the cute little flying squirrel Gabby Douglas win Olympic USA gold in the women's gymnastics  all-around (all the girls were great - wish they all could win a medal for all their hard work), I whipped up all the centers of the flowers.

 The only change I made to the pattern was to start with a magic circle instead of a chain.  I like using magic circles because it is easier to crochet into them and I never have any problem closing up the magic circle as tight as I wish.

I definitely improved the popcorn rounds from my first try. 

 I referenced Jan Eaton's fantastic book, "The Encyclopedia Crochet Techniques" to see how to do the Popcorns. 

VERY Easy to do once I could see the drawings.

I'm loving the colors I chose. 

 I have the pattern downloaded as a PDF file - send me an email if you wish a copy.

The next step is the leaves round in clusters. 

 I'll be sharing that with you too. 

 So stick around for more on my Fruit Punch Tote.

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  1. Sandy, this is coming along quickly! I must say I am wanting an iPhone so I can blog from it too. Do you have to start from scratch on BlogPress or does it just tap into Blogger? Do you take photos with the phone and add them? Oh, I wish I lived next door I could learn so much! ;-) xo P.S. Can you send me this pattern? You have my email I think. Thanks! xo

  2. You are unstoppable! I love having a project while watching T.V. - too many "ants" to sit still and just watch. :-)

    Would love the pattern. :-)

  3. I do like popcorn stitch. It gives such a lovely texture to a project.

    I really ought to get to grips with magic circle better. I always seem to have a slight problem with them coming undone after a while.

    Ruby x