Friday, August 3, 2012

One Down...34 Squares To Go

First try making the square for the Fruit Punch Tote

 Not perfect but ok. 

 If I get better I may replace this one.

This is the first color combination of three. 

 I have eight more of this color combination to make.

I couldn't find any of the free patterns on the website so here's a copy of the pattern if you are interested.

(Oops...the photo isn't too clear.  I'll have Hubby scan the pattern into a PDF file for me.  If anyone is interested in having it just send me an email.) 

I think I will line this tote with fabric. 

 That would make it even more interesting.

I forgot to mention while in Michael's this week I couldn't pass up their yarn on sale - even if it was Christmas yarn. 

 Can't have too much Christmas yarn!

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  1. Looking good! Love the colors.

  2. Great color combo Sandy!

  3. Sandy, I'd love a copy of the pattern! Looking good Love the colors.

    1. Just emailed the pattern to you. Any problems with the Pdf file let me know.

  4. I think it's a great color combo. This should be a terrific project!

  5. Loving the colour combination. I can see why the original pattern calls it a Fruit Punch. It reminds me so much of Fruit Salad chews I used to get as a child here in the UK. Can't wait to see your completed tote :)

    I have awarded you with the One Lovely Blog Award. I hope you don't mind

    You can find out more here

    Ruby x

  6. Sandy do you think I can have this pattern?