Thursday, August 23, 2012

Winging It Doesn't Always Work

After all that work it wasn't a flat circle! 

 This is what I get for not bothering too lazy to look up the math formula for a flat circle.

I could smooth one side down and the other would pop up.

(It's not funny!)

OK - it is funny!

See how bad it is! 

 It's a hat for a cone head! 

 LOL !

I couldn't frog it because I had sewn the ends in already. 

 I even tried thread sewing the petals down. 

 I think I knew I had a problem when I had to do that but I guess I was hoping it would work out in the end. 


 Fat chance!

Hubby and I had a good laugh over my cone head "hat".

Starting over....
Before I started my second foot stool cover I searched the Internet to find the math formula for crocheting a flat circle. 

 I found formulas for 12 stitch circles that were helpful and started again using the formula modifying it for my 8 stitch (8 petals) circle.

I worked out to ten rounds using the formula ~ and it didn't look bad ~ but I realized I would have to frog back to round eight on this circle and add additional increases to keep it nice and flat. 

It doesn't help that two of my yarns are thicker (red and green).

After the eighth round - for each additional round I crocheted two petals then checked it for "flatness" and added increases as needed to keep it flat.

I also added two more colors too - black and yellow and went to a larger hook (J).

So far it's working. 

 Nice and flat.

So even though I started off using the math formulas starting at the eighth round I still have to "wing it" but at least the formula got me off to a better start.

Can you guess what this is?

I'll tell you tomorrow!

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  1. On the bright have a really cute matching lamp shade~

    I have no idea what's in the box. ~Pat

  2. Do we get three guesses? A hot tub, a bathtub, or a treadmill?

  3. A new fridge?? I think you could have turned it into a colorful mushroom pillow, Sandy!! xo

  4. Oh I would so make it a pillow and tell everyone it was meant to be a pillow all along hehehe. Hmmmm my 3 guesses would be A freezer, a patio set, a entertainment center? LOL!

  5. Math? Noooo! I hate trying to figure out a pattern! Love the black in the second one. Good luck!

  6. Too funny. I think it's an Argentinian Gnome hat!

    New one is lookin' good. :-)

  7. Your finished product is gorgeous, but I kind of like the funny one, too! I would sew it up and stuff it as a kind of modern-art pillow!
    Flat circles follow a really easy formula, although I think your pretty design is a little more complicated! Whatever you crochet in your first round, you're going to increase by that many the next round. So if you start with 6, then next round will be 12, then 18, 24, etc.
    BTW, I love the touch of black. And as far as having different 'weights' of yarn, that just gives your work more dimension!

  8. Seu crochet é muito lindo.
    Um abraço.

  9. Well now you have a colourful Christmas tree !!!
    Actually I like the colours in the second one better anyhow. Love the way you keep at it and don't let it defeat you.

  10. I think the "hat" looks cute and think it is fun you share with us your mistakes with humour.;) I have no idea what is in that box.;)
    Have a great weekend dear Sandy,

  11. I have seen hats like the "cone head hat" here in Glastonbury. They are felted with a wee "stalk" at their tip, (think fox glove, or Canterbury bells).
    I think they are quite charming :-D