Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fruit Punch Tote Lining Time

The last two days I've been working on the lining for my Fruit Punch Tote.

I pinned my pattern pieces to my Hawaiian Butterfly fabric and marked all the cutting lines on the wrong side of the fabric. 

 I had just enough fabric to complete the two-sided lining.

I made a few mistakes along the way and was able to correct all except for one that won't show... so I left it as is.  

I think it turned out pretty good considering I've never sewed a lining in a tote before.

The handles are sewn into the lining.

Now I just have to insert the lining into the tote.

I added a Velcro closure along the top edges - because I had velcro in my stash. 

 I sewed lots of different size pockets on the interior sides.

I'm hand-sewing the liner into the crocheted tote now. 

 The last step I will fasten buttons to the handles inside and out to more firmly attach the handles to the tote.

Isn't this guy cute? 

 An adorable baby gorilla reacting to a very COLD stethoscope. 

(Source - Pinterest)

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  1. Looking good, Sandy. You will be using it this week, I am sure. That baby gorilla is cute. If only they stayed that tiny ;-) xo

  2. Great job. I have two purses that need liners...but you know how I am allergic to that sewing stuff. Yours is making it easier for me to think tackling. Very nice.

  3. Good job on that lining...
    that baby gorilla made me chuckle!

    have a great week, Pat