Friday, August 10, 2012

Quick & Easy Towel Holder

I'm relaxing watching TV last night - with nothing to crochet - since I had just finished the crocheting portion of my Fruit Punch Tote. 

 My hands were still... but itching to be busy. 

Oh, I thought "What little project could I crochet now?" 

 Then I thought of this cute little towel holder pattern I had just printed out.

I grabbed the pattern...let's see it takes two strands of cotton yarn held together and an H hook. 

 Ok...I have that stuff right next to my chair in my crochet bag.

I used Lily's Cream n' Sugar in Aloe Vera and another cotton yarn in white

 I tried to do the crossed half double crochet stitch used in the pattern but my yarn was so thick it was too difficult for me.  

I like easy stuff!

So I just did rows of double crochet until it was long enough in length to go around my oven door handle.

The circle is made using a Magic Circle. 

 I like to do Magic Circles... it's easier to crochet into them and they tighten up nicely without any problems.   

A light linen towel fits nicely in the pattern circle but in the future I'll make the Magic Circle larger so my terry towels will fit easily through the circle.

This is a vintage linen towel in red work embroidery that I inherited from my dear Mother-in-Law.

I like this towel holder even better than the ones that are crocheted across the top. 

 Crocheting the towel holder this way you don't have to cut your towel in half and the yarn holder won't have to go through the wash - they never look as nice after going through many washes.

Plus it's super quick and fast to crochet these.

Thanks so much Little Birdie Secrets for sharing her quick and easy crocheted towel holder pattern (here).

Oh, yes...I could!

I have my cup right next to me as I type this.

I gotten some questions regarding crocheting that I thought were excellent ones that I decided I would reply here to everyone.

1. How much time do I put into my crocheting?

It depends.  
There are days that go by that I don't crochet at all.  Usually that happens between projects or if I am busy with other things.  For my Fruit Punch Tote I've been crocheting every night the last week.  

2. Do I get bored crocheting?

Yes, I do.  
I don't think I could crochet in only one color and one stitch.  It would drive me crazy.  I love to change colors and stitches.  There's only a few projects that I have crocheted that I followed the pattern without making any changes.  My Sunshine and Shadow Throw is one that I didn't change anything.  I've only been crocheting for 4 years so I'm by no means an expert so there are times I can't follow a pattern or stitch, or I don't like the way a stitch looks and I will do "my own thing".  As long as one is consistent and one likes the results that's all that matters.

3. How do I find my inspiration?

Mostly from other crochet bloggers, Flickr, Ravelry and especially Pinterest.  There are so many generous crocheters offering free patterns that one doesn't even have to buy patterns anymore.  And if you don't know how to do a stitch go to YouTube.  It's filled with video tutorials from experts like the fantastic Theresa Richardson the Crochet Geek (blog). 

I found my Fruit Punch Tote pattern walking through Joann's - it was just hanging there - a free publication.   

4. What's my secret to completing so many projects?

I like to work on one project at a time.  I'm not a quick crocheter so working one project at a time seems to work best for me.     

This is me in the morning without my glass of OJ or my cup of coffee! 

 LOL !

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my Fruit Punch Tote project.  I wish you could see it in person.  It really is beautiful.  This morning I'm soaking my Hawaiian Butterfly fabric in hot water to pre-shink it.  I've mostly worked out my lining steps in my head and practiced using paper towels.  

I had another session of physical therapy yesterday and my hip was sore afterwards.  I have another session this afternoon and three more scheduled for next week.  The pain/soreness seems to come and go.  But my hip is not as bad as it was before physical therapy.  So I'm hoping the therapy is working.   Thanks for all your well wishes.       

Source for photos:  Pinterest

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  1. Hi Sandy! Glad to hear you're getting better :)

    What a simple little idea. I can just see another idea forming. Lots of little holders in brightly coloured cotton to hang some kitchen utensils maybe.

    Ruby x

  2. Hi Sandy! This is adorable and a cute idea for a little hostess gift. I'm trying to get back to it here and there. Once the cooler weather arrives, I know I will do more. xo

  3. What a great little project. Sometimes I like to make smaller things, I find them so handy and satifying. Your Fruit Punch tote is absolutely amazing. I love happy and cheerful and it just shouts that out. Its got to bring out smiles. Nicely done.