Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Check Off Edging

I'm whipping up the border/edging of the Fruit Punch Tote in four colors.

All four color rounds are mostly finished with half double crochet (2TOG).

The first round (watermelon color) is half double crochet (2TOG) into the green yarn below and then four half double crochet around the open chain space repeated around.

I decreased slightly so the tote comes together nicely. 

 The handles will also be in the four colors and long enough in length to be a shoulder tote.

Now what to line it with...I pulled three possible fabrics from my stash. 

 The one on the left is a crazy quilt pieced together from fabrics used in clothing sewn many years ago. The center fabric and the fabric on the right I bought on a trip to Hawaii in 1991. 

 I'm leaning towards using the middle Hawaiian butterfly fabric in the lining. 

 The colors are perfect and what goes better with flowers than butterflies!

Hope you're not sick of seeing this project in such detail.  

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  1. Oh its looking beautiful! Im certainly not bored with it, i love seeing the whole crafting process. I agree with the butterflies, i think that although the other hawaii one is lovely there will be too many flowers and the patch work one is nice but i feel a patterned piece is needed!

    Jerra xx

  2. Your crochet work is always a pleasure to see, Sandy. I like the fabric on the left, it looks like it has all the colors in it. xo

  3. I think the crazy quilt will be to busy and detract from the Fruit Punch...I like the butterflies too.
    This tote is so cute. I should make one! don't know when; but I should.
    :) Pat

  4. Wonderful colours!! I'm in love!