Saturday, August 25, 2012

Second Time's A Charm

Yes...practice makes a difference!

I liked adding the two new colors to the foot stool and yellow.

And I didn't even plan to have the three rounds of red come out even with the edge of the foot stool top. But it's just what I wanted.

The next step is to continue with my colors down the side of the foot stool. Instead of increasing stitches now I will decrease. 

 At least that's the plan.

I'm so pleased with how nice and flat the circle is on my second version. 

 I'm writing down the pattern for my Color Burst Foot Stool Cover as I go along this time too.

Yesterday while in Pinterest I saw a granny square lined basket that was so cute. 

 The thought popped in my little brain that maybe my first foot stool cover attempt - that failed miserably -would fit instead into one of my baskets as a liner. 

 I had this basket in our living room and the "cone head" hat fit perfectly in it.

I didn't have to throw it out!

I keep a pair of our slippers here. 

I'm so happy that all that work didn't go to waste.

Today I found a Ravelry companion iPhone app named "Wooly" that allows you to download photos from your iPhone directly into Ravelry. 

 I've used it already and it works great.

Just a note - it's not a free app - it costs $2.99. 

 If you crochet or knit, and you haven't joined Ravelry, you should because it's free and it is a wonderful tool for tracking your projects.

You all had great suggestions on what was in our huge box

 But nobody guess right!

We backed the pickup truck next to our deck to unload "it".

We put "it" on sliders to move through the porch and into the kitchen.

We tilted "it" and with Hubby below "it" and me above "it"... we carefully slid "it" down our basement stairs.

We made it to the bottom without breaking anything or hurting ourselves.

Hubby started to unpack it. 

All he had to do was put the roller feet and door handles on.

Have you guessed what "it" is yet?

"It's" my new Horn cabinet sewing cutting table that weighs almost 300 pounds!

"It" fits beautifully next to my sewing machine with still lots of room to open out the leaf.

That's all for today folks!  

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. It loosk really beautiful now that you've gotten it down right! Terrific colors and stitchery.

  2. Wow, what a nice cabinet! And your footstool cover is so colorful and cute!!!

  3. Home run on the stool cover AND the basket liner!!! The sewing table is awesome. :-)

  4. You are persistent, aren't you? It has paid off! Your circle looks perfect now. Congrats on the new sewing cabinet!

  5. Wow! the basket linen is really adorable and cute! This looks perfect
    in my stool.

  6. Good you got the replacement then. That is so heavy to handle in one box! I'm amazed it did not come so you had to put it together. I can't imagine what my weights but it was all done by the builder in sections and carried up here by Bob and our friend who built it. Actually he built it a section at a time, got it to us and we waited for the next section while Bob put the finish on the wood. I'm sure you'll love using this neat set.

  7. You're so clever!! I really like the colors you used as well!
    Have a great one!
    Kate :}