Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Strawberry Reds

Worn strawberry red pastry rolling pin handles... memories of my Mother making pie dough. 

 Her old red biscuit cutter used so lovingly over the years. 

 Vintages items joined with my pretty red flower mug and red crocheted white daisy potholder.

First strawberry shortcake of the summer...oh, so delicious.

(Source:  Pinterest)

Here's another beautiful crocheted flower throw I found on Pinterest. 

 This may be my next project - if I purchase the pattern (here). 

 It's so unusual and beautiful.

(Source:  Pinterest)

Elmo taking a bath/shower!


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  1. LOVE the vignette in the first photo! I think it's special you still have that biscuit cutter.

  2. I have my mom's old rolling pin with the red handles. Everything rolls out better with it. ;-) xo