Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Have A Twin...Towel Holder That Is!

I crocheted a second towel holder this time making the Magic Circle a little bit bigger and adding a couple more half double crochet stitches in the circle so my thicker terry tea towels will thread through easier.

Instead of crocheting three chains when turning for a new row, I tried a new method of crocheting a faux double crochet on a tutorial I found on YouTube. This neat method seems to eliminate that annoying open space between the chain and first stitch.

Here's the tutorial:

 You can see in the photo above the annoying open spaces on the first towel holder on the right. 

 But there's none on the left one.

Ha ! Ha !

That's all folks!

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  1. Hi dear friend,your crochet towel holders are so cute that is a good idea. I would like trying to make the same towal holders for my mother..
    Thanlk you for sharing..:))
    All best wishes...

  2. Ficou perfeito. Podes tentar também começar com duas correntes para subir ao invés de três, é mais fácil e o resultado também é perfeito. Adorei teu blog. Bjs do Brazil.

  3. I love these towel holders! I've seen them before...but forgot about them, until you showed them. Now as to the video... THANKS FOR POSTING THIS.I've always HATED that ch2 turn/counts as first double!... Not one of my favorite moves.
    I guess it only works on a double crochet? I don't know. But I'm definately going to try it.