Thursday, August 16, 2012

Color Burst Foot Stool Cover

Well...what do you think? 

I'm trying to duplicate the foot stool cover I found on Pinterest yesterday.

This is the original...

This is mine so far...

not exactly like the original.

There are eight petals to each round.

But better then first draft last night.

You are allowed to laugh out loud!

Again I'm using yarns from my stash.

It's not large enough yet for my foot stool so I have a few more rounds to add.

(Source:  Pinterest)

Nose it is...LOL !

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  1. Looking good,Sandy. Loving those colors. xo

  2. Second attempts are always so much better. And yes, I did giggle at the first attempt :D

    Ruby x

  3. I just felt bad for you until I read that we were allowed to laugh. Hee-hee! So glad to see you can laugh at yourself. I laugh at my goofy self all the time. This really is a pretty stool cover. Good luck on a finish you love.

  4. I love it! It's gorgeous!

  5. Me encanto los colores bien alegres y el punto se ve bien entretenido me gusta esta roseta, pero esa bella nariz es tentadora para tocarla muy tierna ♥ besitos.

  6. This is very pretty. I like your variation. :-)

  7. It looks really pretty so far!

  8. I think it is beuatiful dear sandy, love the colour combination, even nicer that the one you found.;)
    Have a great weekend dear sandy,

  9. You really put time and effort making this stool, Sandy! I admire your creativity and your patience in creating such a masterpiece. ^_____^ It would be nice, though, to add a cushion for soft seating. Is that possible?

    Marcene Balderas