Friday, January 7, 2011

Snowy Friday

We woke up to a pretty little snowfall this Friday morning!   

This is the view from our kitchen dinette out through our screened in porch to the back yard.  I've had these vinyl window stickers for years.  I bought them at a craft fair in Lockport, Illinois.  Unfortunately I've never seen them since...I wish I had bought more.  

View out of our kitchen window!

Mr. Vintage Santa loves the snow!

Hubby laughed at me when I ran out this morning to get a photo op with my vintage Santa!  

Flogged this project - stitch made my hand sore.

This is called "Heartwarming Wrap" and is a beautiful baby throw (A Leisure Arts Publication "Crochet Collections" copyright 1994).  Softcover ISBN 0-942237-55-2.

This is a crochet project I started, frogged and started again.  I finally got the cluster stitch down right but it hurt my right hand while crocheting this cluster stitch so much I decided I couldn't do 82 more rows of this stitch so I frogged the project permanently.  I'll have to find another project.  

Gifts from My Hubby!

I just have to share a photo of the jewelry hubby surprised me with at Christmas.  

The Tinkerbell watch has a "star" at the end of the second hand.  Isn't that cute!

The earrings are "flower buds" and so pretty with the different colored stones.  I love it when my hubby picks out earrings for me.  He has such good taste. 
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  1. Beautiful snow!
    Which book is the baby blanket you have started from? The picture of it in the book really looks pretty! Just don't recognize it.

  2. I'm totally jealous of your snow! (And your super-clean porch!)

  3. Sandy, your hubbie is a rock star! I hope you enjoy your beautiful snowy day. We are expecting a snowstorm Sunday here in Central Alabama!

  4. Happy snowy friday! Sweet gifts from your sweetie.

  5. LIndaCrochets:

    This throw is called "Heartwarming Wrap" and is a beautiful baby throw (A Leisure Arts Publication "Crochet Collections" copyright 1994). Softcover ISBN 0-942237-55-2.

    I wish the stitch didn't hurt my hand because I would love to make it.

  6. Better early on to frog is the best idea. Don't you just hate when you finally decide what to start and then a few minutes in the wrist is a aching.

    Light Pixie Dusting of snow coming down here too. But, really really bone cold chilly.

  7. Such beautiful gifts from your hubby, the earings are so pretty.xx

  8. Happy New Year Sandy! I love the gifts especially the Tinkerbell watch! Pretty snow pictures - shame about the blanket but I know what you mean, sometimes patterns just don't suit the hands!

  9. Nice view and snow there Sandy. The gifts from Jeff are really nice and I know you love them. No snow here, clear skies and cool temps in the 20's.

  10. What a cool Tinkerbell watch...Hubby sure has a fun side! Too bad about that blanket pattern, it's a beautiful stitch, but not fun if it's killing your hand. Enjoy that lovely view of yours. Happy new year, Sandy :-)

  11. I like the snow its really cute..your hubby is so sweet with his gift..
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