Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow & Snowmen

Snowmen and Snow at Teacup Lane

How do you like my little Snowmen Tower?  

It's another St. Nicholas Square gift I received Christmas 2009.   

The snowmen heads come apart or can be stacked as a tower.   The one with the blue cap has a lid.

We had another little snowfall this week!

Snowmen Tower!

Another Happy Snowman!

Unstacked cuties!

Winter Wonderland at Teacup Lane

We sure have had a pretty white winter so far here in SE PA!  

I should go out and make a real snowman before all of this melts.  

This is a cute little Snowman tray I found.

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  1. Your stacking snowmen are very cute, and your snow pictures are very pretty. Love them.

  2. Your stacking snowmen are adorable :D I want some! We still have a little snow left around here in Central Alabama....since last Sunday!!!

    Ricki Jill

  3. Well I wish we'd get more snow, ours melted and it's 1 degrees and we get the moisture freezing white and crunchy under foot. Kodiak got a huge snow storm that completely by-passed us here in Homer.
    Very nice photos here as usual Sandy.

  4. Oh very cute! The snow looks so pretty too.
    thanks for your support. We are fine here - hardly affected at all at our place - and the big cleanup is going very well.
    So many disasters all over the world!

  5. They just make you smile! Beautiful outdoor photos.