Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Down And One To Go

One down and one to go...

I liked this crochet fingerless mitten pattern so much I decided to make another pair in red.   

One mitten done and one to go.

Two more wonderful crochet books for my library!
 I like both of these crochet books.  

201 crochet motifs, blocks, projects and ideas by Melody Griffiths.  Ms. Griffiths includes stitch diagrams which I like to have just in case I have trouble with the written instructions. 

200 Crochet blocks for blankets, throws and afghans by Jan Eaton.   This book just arrived in the mail today.  There are no stitch diagrams but the photos are great.  

One of the pluses of this book is that Ms. Eaton show how to mix and match the squares.   My eye was immediately drawn to the "Happy Holidays" mix and match squares.  

Square Number 27 is called "Snowy Stripes" and uses a "spike" stitch.   I've always wanted to try this stitch.  

It's a beautiful day here...sunny this morning...high is 43 degrees F. now.  I should go out and take down the outside Christmas decorations and lights.  

I should...but I won't.  

I'm enjoying them too much.  

All the Christmas decorations are  down inside our home but one thin Christmas tree in our family room.  Unfortunately it's not all put away yet...everything is in piles in our finished media room in our basement.  Hopefully I can start to pack it all away this weekend...maybe with the help of my hubby who is an expert "packer". 

Last Christmas we went to the clear plastic bins (large) for storing the Christmas stuff.

I like them because I can see what is in the bin without opening it.

At least I left one cleared off chair for hubby to sit in!

Ornaments from our Living Room Christmas tree

In the meantime it's more fun to daydream about crochet projects...    

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  1. It's sad when the Christmas is taken down, but that means you can turn around and decorate for Valentine's Day :D

    Your fingerless mittens are so cute...I loved them in white, too....but red is my favorite color!

    Stay warm!
    Ricki Jill

  2. I take down our stuff fairly early and the outside lights have been turned off earlier this year too. I'm moving on to bigger and better projects I guess. It's 20 degrees and snowed lightly all day so far.

  3. Fun new crochet books....oh the possibilities.

  4. I really like the fingerless Mitten pattern and especially the longer cuff!

    You can now post this or any other project you have on the go on my new Crafty Links page.

    I love those clear containers for storing everything. I have some solid color ones but I have to put tags on them which eventually wear out. You end up opening the tops to see what's inside!

  5. Love the colour and pattern for the mitts - certainly brings a splash of brightness

  6. Absolutely beautiful mittens, look so warm. I think its nice to have the decorations put up, but always pleased when they are down.....
    Love and hugs suex