Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Granny Goodness

Mellow Yellow Baby Throw WIP

Granny Goodness Baby Girl Throw

I bought this Tivoli Cotton Feel Double Knit yarn in 1995 for about $38 for 8 skeins.  And then it sat for years until recently I pulled it out thinking I would make something for our niece's baby girl that is due in May.  It's a very delicate light creamy color...with a slight yellow tinge.  The yarn is very soft.  

I found a lovely baby throw pattern and tried it.  Flogged it and tried the stitch again.  But my hand was so sore after two rows I decided to flog it AGAIN and try a different pattern.   Blogged about it (here).   

So the yarn sat there for several days.  I just couldn't get inspired until finally I decided to do one big granny square (hook size H) and add a pretty edging.  I'm almost done with the body and I should have about three skeins left to do an edging. 

Winter Is Still Here!

We woke up to falling snow this morning.  It is a white winter wonderland here.  Schools are closed.  Many of our neighbors are home today.  

Our Front Door

I love Tall Grasses 

Our Back Yard

Most people would stay home but I asked hubby to drive me over to "Bed, Bath & Beyond" to get some new bed sheets and to "Michaels" to get more yarn.    The roads were deserted this morning and not many folks out shopping either.  Luckily Hubby doesn't mind driving in snow and it helps that we have a 4 wheel drive vehicle (Subaru Outback).  The roads were a little slippery though.  

Driving out of our subdivision

This is the view driving out of our subdivison.  The snow plows haven't been here yet.  

Teacup Lane

I think we have about 5 to 6 inches already with another 5 to 10 inches of snow predicted throughout the night.  

New Yarn

Look at the pretty colors of Loops & Threads Silky Soft 100% acrylic yarn I bought today!  

See my pretty colors!

I may crochet another granny square throw alternating squares of purple and blue shades.   But first I have to finish the baby throw.  

I found two sets of pretty bedsheets and am washing them as I type this.  I had a 20% off coupon (the entire purchase) at "Bed, Bath & Beyond".  And I had a Christmas gift card for "Michaels" to use for the yarn.  

It was a fun morning.  Now I can relax and crochet.   

It's a tough life being RETIRED!  LOL!

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  1. Just look at all the snow you have. From the sound of it on T.V. more is on it's way. So, glad to see you got out and have some new yarn in the house for the long week ahead. Love the palette.


  2. You are truly in a Winter Wonderland, lovely pics of the snow. As much as I love color, I really like your cream baby blanket. The simplicity of it is sweet in itself. Enjoy all your new yarn :-)

  3. I can't wait to see the baby blanket with its pretty border on. I think you feel the same way I do about borders...they are the fun part and really make a blanket. I don't understand people who either don't do an edging at all or just put a round on sc on and call it done. For shame! That's like framing a beautiful picture in a crappy frame, sort of.

    LOVE all your new yarn! And your snow!

  4. Yep, retirement is GREAT isn't it?
    PS the baby throw looks lovely - nice delicate colour.

  5. I love the off white baby blanket. What a lovely, thoughtful gift! Stay warm in your winter wonderland!

    Ricki Jill

  6. No better outing then to go get yarn! A true addict I see, rain nor sleet nor snow will stop a yarn purchase. My kind of gal!

  7. Beautiful, soft and creamy baby blanket! What pretty colors of yarn you have....especially the raspberry shade.