Monday, November 8, 2010

Matchy Matchy

A Matching Set

Quick post tonight.  

I made a tissue box cover to match my Christmas Colors Runner (blogged about here).  

And it's the first that I noticed what I thought was "white" yarn in my granny squares is actually "cream".  I must have been crocheting in the dark when I did the edging around them.  It doesn't look bad though.  

So Christmasy!

Our electricity went out this afternoon at 3 PM.  So, I suggested to hubby that we go shopping and out for dinner.  Off we went to Michaels (I got lots of new yarn will take photos to show you soon) - I was so pleased I had a coupon for a 20% discount and it was for the whole purchase not just one item.  But...I found out it wasn''t such a great deal since it didn't apply to anything on sale.  The yarn was on sale and normally it isn't at all.  I think all I got off was 40 cents on some pipe cleaners.   I guess I shouldn't complain since most of the items were on sale.  When we returned home we discovered that the electricity was only off for an hour.  

This outing was definitely a win-win situation for ME!   

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  1. I love these colors ... so holiday, so happy!

  2. This makes a really nice little set. It would be a great Christmas gift.

  3. Dear Sandy,

    this Set looks very nice...i love the colours and thank you for the nice pictures.

  4. lovely colourful set! Very "christmasy" indeed!!

  5. I really do need to make one of these aDORe-able kleenex boxes. They are just too cute.