Thursday, January 24, 2013

White Caps

I wanted to get through the dreaded foundation row on my next

 Is there anything worst than counting hundreds of chain stitches {{{{correctly}}}} ?

Yeah, sewing in the ends comes in pretty high in that dreaded category too.  

 I wanted a lap size throw so I did a foundation row of 220 chains plus 3. 

 I ended up with 14 mountains/valleys and it measures 37 inches across without a border.

I'm using five shades of blue acrylic yarn (Simply Soft Solids) with a white yarn row between the blues. 

 I upped the size of the hook to "H" too.

These colors remind me of "snotty seas"...that's what boaters call the seas when the waves are rough.

I'm thinking of naming this throw "White Caps".  

I love the look of this pattern, and if you asked - yes - I'm doing the stitches correctly this time!

Have you ever used a lighted hook? 

 I bought two of them awhile back, put them in my case and never used them. 

 Last night I pulled one out to try it. 

 It was perfect time and situation. 

 Dark yarn and crocheting at night in low light.

A combination that isn't easy on the old eyes. 

 But this lighted hook really helped. 

 And it was a smooth hook which also helped to reduce splitting the yarn. 

 If you are interested, I bought these at Michaels.

Hubby feels like he is coming down with something so we had soup for supper tonight.

It tasted good particularly with this extreme cold...brrrrrr....we are having here in SE PA.  

Later tonight I'm having a cup of hot tea with creamer and honey.

You would think I was the one not feeling well.

Here's hoping you are feeling well and having a good night!  
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  1. I hope Jeff feels better before your trip. This has been some stretch of cold air. I'm over it. But perfect for crochet. xo

  2. Lovely choice of colours for the next throw.Will you take it on your trip? Hope your hubby has managed to ward off whatever was worrying him so he is OK for your trip.

  3. what a beautiful pattern. Wow your quick. I love that crochet hook where abouts you got it?

    1. I got the lighted hook at Michaels, our local big box craft store.

  4. Yes agree, beautiful pattern. You are so quick with your projects. I wish I could keep up with you, lol. Found the crochet hook interested as well and I can see where it would really help to have one, as I have such a hard time seeing dark colors now. Have to look for one.

    Wanted you to know I really enjoy following your blog and all the beautiful things you make. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Have a great day and until soon

  5. Love the colors for this afghan! I use the lighted hooks ALL the time! Rarely use the night though...always seems too bright to stare at for a long time but I love how the hooks feel in my hand! I think I have from an F-K....if you buy one each time you have a coupon they're a better deal for that many hooks!

  6. That's going to be a lovely blanket! I love the colours and the stitch pattern which is one I haven't seen before.