Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Little Star Dish Cloth

Want a cute and easy dish cloth to crochet?

Well, I'm cleaning and straightening out our Danish wall units in our family room. 

 That's where I store my crochet books and free patterns I print out. 

While cleaning I found this adorable pattern (go here to download a pdf) from Bella Crochet called "Little Star Dish Cloth".

 Update:  If you don't want to sign up to get the free pdf at the link above, you can go directly to Bella Crochet's blog to print out the pattern (here).

It's so cute. 

I like using my crocheted dish cloths in the kitchen.  

Smaller ones in a size like this one - fits my hand just right - and when it's dirty just throw in it the clothes washer.  

 I'm going to make two more in coordinating colors. 

 I'm using cotton yarn and it's so thick to hook with compared to acrylic.

Hubby and I watched this program on cable TV today called "Extreme RVs".  There's a company in Denver that takes used Air Stream trailers and customizes them for clients.   I've always wanted to take a vintage trailer and fix it up. We love our "Little Guy" (Pleasure Way travel van) but we are always thinking what will be our next RV down the road. Hubby is favoring a small motorhome C, like a "Born Free," and towing a Jeep Wrangler.   Nothing like daydreaming....

Hubby went out to run some errands and I said to him, "What shall I do this afternoon?"

 "Do I crochet, blog, watch TV or read?" 

 So many choices for a retired gal to consider.

Life is good. 

 And we have another trip to Walt Disney World coming soon. 


 I'm going to see if I can order this vintage crochet pattern (here) - and yes, make a black and white blanket.

I really like it.

Mickey likes it too.

And how is your day going?
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  1. I am going to download this pattern. I want to make a few! Can I use Sugar and Spice for this? xo

  2. Precioso modelo y original seguro que da mucha alegría en la cocina besitos.

  3. Cute dishcloth - I'll have to make a couple for my sister Julie. Thanks for the link. :)

  4. I love this pattern. Been making them for quite a while now. One of the faves in my 'store', great for kids

  5. Another trip to WDW? You sure love it there!... and you have your trip to the UK coming up too don't you?

  6. It's been awhile since we been to WDW. We will make that adventure after we get our house. I love your dish cloth its very pretty. I seriously need to get on the ball with that. I love that pattern to those blankets. I can't wait till you start making yours:)

  7. How sweet the dish cloth, thanks for the link. The black and white is stunning ... as is your flower in the previous post.