Monday, January 14, 2013

Giddy over Gingham

I'm giddy over gingham.

Especially the gingham pattern in my little Gingham Blanket.

I started following the pattern for the border and added two rounds of double crochet in the rudy red and liked it but decided to "do my own thing" and added more colors (watermelon and white) and different stitches for the next five rounds.

It's a little blankie just right for a baby.

I didn't write down the pattern for the border - but it's just repeating a double crochet, one chain in each space around with  three double crochets at the corner space.  

Really I just "winged it" at the corners adding with I needed so it wouldn't curl up.

The last round is single crochet, chain two in each space all the way around.

I'm pleased with the results.  

What do you think?

Have I inspired you to try a gingham pattern?

  The little blankie measures 30 and 1/2 inches by 26 inches including the border.

It's right at home piled here with my other afghans - Rainbow Scrap Afghan and Waikiki Wild Flower Blanket.

It's a good day to stay inside and crochet.  

It's a damp, overcast lousy day and yesterday was foggy all day long.

So, do I do a little project now?

Or jump in with a larger one?

I'm trying to use up yarn in my stash.

I'm thinking of doing a white throw with tiny touches of black in it.  

Believe it or not my inspiration for the white and black throw was a bathroom tile floor Sarah Richardson designed for one of her shows. 

Not sure what I'm going to do next...too many cute patterns and not enough time.

Hope you are having a lovely day!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! You have inspired me. I think I'll try a dishcloth first and then a blanket. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yaaaay! It's gorgeous! Love, love, love those colors!

  3. Just perfect! Gingham is near and dear to mt heart. I think I will go back and forth between wash clothes and the blue afghan. Thanks again for the inspiration1

    Oh and by the way, the gingham looks great with the other two!

  4. I am totally in love with your gingham blanket, colors and all. So much so that I have pictured it on my blog! I really have to try this, I haven't seen the pattern for it yet but am still searching. Any direction to where I can find it or is the dish cloth pattern the same as. Thanks for the inspiration! Have a lovely evening.

    1. Hi Glor,
      The gingham pattern I used is from Melody Griffiths book "crocheted afghans". You can purchase the book from Amazon which I highly recommend. I love her patterns. I also posted another gingham pattern for a dishcloth that is similar if not the same as Melody's. And I posted a video that I found helpful. Thanks for posting about this little blankie on your blog. That's sweet of you. It was fun to make and probably won't be my last one.

  5. Sandy, thanks for the info! I just order Melody Griffiths' book and look forward to this beauty. I just love the colors you used, may look to the same. Can't wait to see what you are making next. There are so many wonderful crochets to do. Thanks again.

  6. You just helped me decide what my next project is going to be. Beautiful!