Saturday, January 5, 2013

Moving On...

Yesterday I started gathering Christmas decorations and moving them down stairs. 

 This is the earliest I have ever started to take down Christmas stuff.

Normally I wouldn't even consider it... but this is a busy year for us with another Walt Disney World trip coming before we know it at the end of January and our upcoming out of our comfort zone tour trip aboard this Spring.

Our family room Christmas tree and Santa Mantel is still up. 

 And the Christmas lights are still up outside. I look around the house I realize it is in need of a deep spring cleaning. 

 As much as I love all the Christmas decor I must admit it's refreshing to have less clutter and a cleaner look around the house again...almost.

Hubby is helping me reconfigure my sewing/craft room to accommodate a possible new sewing/embroidery machine. 

 I don't want to have to purchase a new sewing cabinet so we are exploring modifying my current cabinet to accommodate a larger and heavier machine. 

 More on that later.

Don't forget Downton Abbey is starting their third TV season this Sunday here in The States. 

 Set your DVRs to record a fantastic series. 

 We're working our way through new DVDs. 

 We loved "The Avengers"! 

 What a fantastic entertaining movie!

Super heroes!

And we like the new Hulk (great job Mark Ruffalo)! crochet or pack Christmas decor into storage bins? 


 I know what I'm doing.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. You guys sure keep busy! I knew about the special vacay to Europe, but Florida is a nice little winter warmup getaway. I have a feeling you're crocheting right now. xo