Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gingham (Oops!) and Sewing (Yeah!)

Gingham Blanket.

I'm getting use to handling two yarn strands of color. 

 And learning how to drop a color, start a new color and carry the dropped color along by stitching it into the next color stitches.

The stitch is easy just double crochets.  

The trick is handling the double strands of yarn - and changing colors and stitching in the carry over color.

A little bit of practice helps.

So far there's only one spot on the back side where I didn't catch the dropped color into the next stitches. 

 I'm not frogging back to fix it... I can live with it.

The back side has a nice pattern too...sort of gingham on a slight diagonal.   

And, of course, here is the front side with the gingham pattern.  

It's looking good!

I started a new row and while taking these photos I realized I'm using the wrong color combination on the new row.


The white and pink (watermelon) yarns should be pink (watermelon) and the ruby red.

 Easy to frog out and correct.

 So glad I caught it.

Source: via Debbie on Pinterest

Today Hubby and I went out to exchange my new Pandora bracelet (it was too small).

When leaving the Pandora store I noticed the new store next to it was a sewing and vacuum store and it had a sign for Janome sewing machines.

Of course I had to go in to see the Janomes.

I have an early 1980s computerized New Home (Janome) Memory Craft 6000 sewing machine that has served me well over the years.

I have always dreamed of upgrading my sewing machine when I retired for one with more embroidery features.

This January we have been retired five years already.

I think it is about time to upgrade.

So into the store I went (went Hubby's blessing I may add!)

I looked at the Memory Craft Special Edition 11000 and Memory Craft Horizon 12000 Janomes.


They are fantastic sewing, embroidery and quilting machines.

The 12000 may be more machine than I need (it's very large and very heavy and I would need a new sewing table/cabinet) but the 11000 Memory Craft Special Edition seems a more perfect fit.  Not as large nor as heavy as the 12000 MC and it may still fit in my current sewing cabinet.  

I'm thinking of trading in my Viking Serger that I have never used (expect for one class session) for the new Janome.

I learned the sewing store has been there a year and the store where I purchased my Viking Serger several years ago closed and consolidated with another store into this new store location.

They even had me in their computer records for purchasing my serger.

So funny!

Plus - they offer lots of free classes too.

I may return to the store tomorrow.
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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun sewing posts coming up! Wish there was a store like that here. xo

  2. I'm very impressed with this new throw/blanket. So pretty and I believe the colour will be perfect with those new curtains in your family room????

  3. How cute is that blanket? Love it! I made a boo-boo earlier today and had to do a little ripping to correct it. Ugh...I detest ripping! It was at least an hour's worth of hooking down the drain. I just got a sewing machine for Christmas! I'm struggling to try to figure it out for myself. My mom was a wonderful seamstress...but was a perfectionist - and her trying to teach me was an epic fail. I was traumatized for years and wouldn't revisit the experience...until now. I'm starting to put crochet edges on flannel and fleece blankets and the edges have to be turned back and sewn before the crochet can begin. Doing that by hand is b.o.r.r.r.r.r.i.n.g. so I asked for a simple sewing machine for Christmas. I finished the sewing part of my first blanket yesterday...still working on the crochet part. Can't wait to see what you bring home tomorrow.

  4. Love your gingham! It's so beautiful! Amazing what can be done with a little yarn and ingenuity, huh?

  5. You make me laugh - taking a picture of that yarn thing. haha. Exactly what I would have done with it - left it. Sometimes there's perfection in imperfection. I'm thinking I need to make this in blues....

  6. Your blanket is so lovely. I love the color choices that you have made for this one.

  7. The gingham blanket is so pretty. I think I may have to try this. Love the colors you are using. Happy New Year.