Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentine's Hearts Tray

I ran out this morning to stock up on a few groceries before the forecasted snow arrives this afternoon.

While at Safeway I saw this cute Valentine's Hearts Tray for less than $5 and of course I immediately put it in my cart. 

Isn't it cute?

{{{White Caps}}}

is coming along. 

I have two color sections finished. 

I plan to take this project with me to Walt Disney World.

My poor Hubby is sick with a nasty head cold. 

He's taking it easy just resting. 

He doesn't get sick very often. 

I got him some Nightquil to help him sleep tonight.

It's sooooo cold here too.


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  1. Sandy, it started to snow and it is sticking - only 25 degrees so you know it is a skating rink out there. I am glad I ran out earlier and did some errands. I am more than ready for spring (sigh). xo

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  3. Colds are the worst. Your little tray is so cute! Great buy, I think.