Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Be My Valentine Dishcloth

Isn't that a cute name for this dishcloth?

This is one very cute dishcloth. 

 I loved the stitches and the colors used in the pattern and had to try making one.

I found some similar colors in my Lily Sugar n' Cream cotton yarn stash. 

 It worked up nicely until about the 5th round and then mine started to curl up slightly...even though my stitch counts seemed to be correct.

Even so I will try this free pattern again (here) - the next time I will try adding some stitches on the outer rounds to lessen it's tendency to curl.

I love the bobble stitches in red in the fourth round.

And wait until you see how the circle of hearts on the outer round are crocheted.

Have fun trying out this dishcloth.  

Keep crocheting!

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  1. Love the way it turned out and yes the colors are lovely. I saw the pattern in their newsletter and was considering making this one also. Will remember your little tip on making the last round different than their pattern.

    Happy Wednesday, Erika

  2. Hola me encanto es muy vistoso y trae mucha alegría a la mesa, los colores son ideales para este tapete, besitos.

  3. Really beautiful colors on this but you always are good picking colors to go with one another.

  4. Hi Sandy,
    Aw so pretty! I love seeing all your beautiful crochet. I am looking for a fun pattern to make an blanket for a dear friend of my daughter's. But I only want to use two colors aqua and white. Can you suggest a pattern.
    I have enjoyed catching up with you today.
    sending you a big hug, Elizabeth

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      For just two colors I would use Lucy's Attic 24 pattern "Neat Ripple". You can vary the size of the color rows for interest. It's a nice wavy ripple. You can find it here at:

      Always nice to have you visit!

  5. Lovely dishcloth! Pretty colors!:)