Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mod Gingham Dishcloth


I was in Pinterest today and did a search for "gingham" and was delighted with the results. 

 Lots of pretty gingham to drool over.

And I found a free Lily Sugar n' Cream gingham dishcloth pattern!

It's similar to the pattern I'm using to make my Gingham Blanket (here). 

 I tried a few rows in acrylic yarn just to see the pattern layout. 

For a dishcloth I would use the cotton yarn instead of acrylic.

Of course by extending the foundation row you could make a small baby throw.

Link for the free Mod Gingham Dishcloth pattern (here).


I made a goof today.

Can you guess what this is?

I know it's not pretty.

This is the dust container for our central vacuum system.

The dark thingy in the middle is a knee high stocking.

I was using it on the end of my vacuum hose to clean fake flowers today.

And it was working quite well - sucking all that dust right off the flowers.

Of course I was too lazy to put a rubber band around it to securely hold it in place.

I didn't need any dumb rubber band.  

I could hold it in place.



I accidentally stupidly let go of the stocking...

 ...and it was amazing how quickly it disappeared down that vacuum hose.  

I quickly turned off the vacuum hoping that it was still trapped within the hose section and hadn't reached the vacuum pipe system.

When Hubby got home and I explained what happened he said it would be highly unlikely that the stocking was still within the hose section.  

He said once it is in the hose it travels.very.quickly.

So he checked it out.

He was right... it wasn't in the hose section.

He found the stocking in the vacuum system dust container. 

Well, thank goodness it didn't jam up the pipe system.  

That's what I was afraid would happen.

So it ended OK. 

I learned my lesson.  

I got off easy this time.

LOL ! 
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  1. Hi Sandy, I purchased the afghan book from your other post and started the afghan in blue. I am loving it. I also noticed a beautiful red and white Scandinavian afghan in the same book - it might be just what our master bedroom needs!

    1. Hi Astri, You will love EVERY ONE of the afghans in Melody Griffiths book, "crocheted afghans". There are several I want to make one of these days. I'm looking forward to seeing your blue gingham afghan! Knowing you it will be stunning.

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE GINGHAM TOO! So, HOW did I miss this?!! Thanks for sharing the link, as I just so happen to BE in desperate need of new dishcloths.. And glad to hear your vacuum is o.k.!! Have a great weekend! ~tina

  3. Hi Sandy,
    Found your blog via pinterest.
    Had to laugh at your vacuum story. That is something I have done. Read that you could put a stocking over the vacuum cleaner to vacuum up bits of jewellery. Decided it MUST work for beads, too... Only I used an old stocking... with holes in it... which ended up splitting and getting sucked down the vacuum cleaner, along with the ping ping ping of many beads! Lol.
    Your blankies are GORGEOUS, too!

    1. Hi Dawn,
      We both had our own vacuum stories to tell. LOL! I'm glad you found my blog and thanks for visiting. I'm still working on "White Caps" my latest throw - sewing all the ends in now before I can finish the border/edging. Have a lovely day.

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