Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Rooster Teacup Wall Hanger

Before Christmas as I was relaxing in our new Lazy Boy recliner admiring the five Royal Albert saucer plates we hung in the window corner of our family room (read about here) and letting my mind wander...

{{{do you do that...mind wandering?}}}

I thought of the cute rooster plate hanger that I purchased several years ago and never hanged.  

Maybe this is the spot for it...perhaps it would go perfectly there.

I held the hanger up to see if it would fit in the space and was pleased that it did.

 I knew the tricky part would be how to attach the demitasse teacups to the hanger. 

 I considered ribbons but didn't think they would be sturdy enough. 

 I settled on using white plastic tie tags. 

 {{{Love those things - use them all the time}}}

 Hubby helped me hang the unit - using Molly bolts to anchor the hanger to the wall.

We were thrilled to spend one of our anniversaries at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in upper Michigan many years ago.

I loved the huge porch at the Grand Hotel.

I could have sat out there all day!

I don't know if it has changed but when we stayed there years ago there were no TVs or A/C in the rooms.

And you had to dress for meals in the dining room.  

No casual clothing allowed in the afternoon or evening.

{{{I remember it was a pain to dress with pantyhose and heels for meals.}}}   

I love these little demitasse teacups...

The pretty green and white teacup with horses and buggy motif was purchased during our stay at the historic Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island.     

Eveyone should take at least one trip to Mackinac Island.  

No cars or vehicles are allowed on the island.  

It's just beautiful and has the most lovely historic homes and hotels.  

We took a carriage ride around the island (we biked around too).  

Back to the hanger...the flower teacup set at the bottom of the hanger is another favorite of mine. 

Now that corner is just the way I like it.

I'm still working on Christmas decorations. 

The fireplace mantel is done and I even cleaned out the ashes in the fireplace. 

Just the tree and outside lights are remaining. 

I do a little a day. 

Slowly it's getting done.
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  1. I love to see how you decorate your lovely home.

  2. I like your hanger, shows your cups and saucers perfectly.
    I took down some decorations yesterday, the rest today, managed to get them all boxed and into the loft but felt a bit tired when I'd finished.
    Carol xx