Monday, June 25, 2012

One is NOT Enough

I had set aside six granny roses in a shade of green I didn't use for my Rose Garden throw with the intent of using them in another granny rose pillow cover.

Because ONE is NOT ENOUGH!

You never know what will inspire you.

Maybe a cute black and white doggy.

Or a beautiful black stallion running in the white crisp snow.

Then you see it...a black and white throw/rug from Ikea. 

 And you think "I can crochet this!"

And before you know it your fingers have grabbed some yarn because you just have to see what a granny rose would look like in black with a white background.

And then your fingers are busy crocheting a white granny rose with a black background.

Oh, yeah...I like it!

And while we are at it let's join the squares in black yarn.

Looking good.

Keep going ~ don't stop now.

Black rose side...

White rose side...

Happiness today is black and white.

The final touches will be to add a green yarn edging and buttons for the opening.

Thanks for sitting down with me on another granny rose journey. 

 These are so fun to make it's difficult to leave them.

Stay tuned for the final presentation!

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  1. This color combo jumps off the screen, Sandy. I love it. Great post. xo

  2. I love the black & white! If it's possible, I'm liking this one even better than the red & green. I think a totally black and white blanket would be beautiful. These are so fun to look at.

  3. Black and white is always so attractive! Love this!

  4. Dear Sandy, that image of the black horse running in snow is amazing, I so want to paint it, have not felt such an inspiration for a while.;)
    Have a great week,