Saturday, June 9, 2012

Shady Pines Campground

We're roughing it (just kidding) at Shady Pines Campground in Abceson, NJ with fellow Pleasure Way van owners this weekend.

It's hot here today (high of 88 degrees F.) running A/C today.

The van is clean for once - we were able to pressure wash it before we left home.

Organized some drawers...

Everything has a place...

Our DVD and book shelf.

Every day dishes and glasses mostly paper...travels better than glass.

Bought some new containers and a small cutting board at Target to try out...

Driver in the drivers seat ready to take off (if you look closely you can see my crochet bag)...

Can't leave the house without my crochet!  


Bedding all cleaned and ready...

We even have fabric window screens we can use when not running the A/C...

There's some shade here at Shady Pines - thank goodness.

Have a wonderful weekend. 

 I know we are!

Especially us in our little travel van!

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  1. Enjoy, you make roughing it look like such fun! ;-) xo