Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Roses of a Different Kind

Thanks for your advice with my little flower edging. 

 I agreed with your comments and flogged the edging last night and started over this time putting three spaces between the base of the flowers instead of two.

Now I'm 100% HAPPY!

I could even put another space in but it's lying flat enough for me now.

But flogging isn't that MUCH FUN.

Speaking of FUN and ROSES of a different kind...

Did any of you watch "The Bachelorette" last night? 

 It's the perfect show to view while crocheting. I'm so glad Emily booted that arrogant Ryan off. Him and his "Trophy Wife" comments. 

What a jerk! 

The nerve of this guy to argue with her decision not to give him a rose

 Who would want to be married to him!  

At this point I'm not sure who I would pick but definitely NOT Ryan. 

 Emily has class - that was a nice touch to give the remaining two guys both a rose.

There's a lot of great guys left. 

 Sean is so good looking and Artie says and does all the right things at the right time. And I like Doug too. He seems the most manly in his actions. 

 Do any of you watch this show? 

 I don't watch the singing reality shows but I love to watch "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" shows (it's light entertainment) and I also like to watch the kids on "So You Think You Can Dance".

Back to my "roses".
I'm so in love with this throw. 
 It's my favorite so far.

Every stitch has been fun on this one. Can't say that about all my projects.

An FYI - if you're not aware of this tip - to see all posts related to my Rose Garden throw just go to "labels" at the bottom of this post and click on "Rose Garden Throw" and all previous posts related to this project will appear magically along with photos, videos and pattern information.

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  1. Well done Sandy! This afghan is just simply breathtaking! Would it look good paired up against "Jingle Bells" or maybe even "Candy Cane"? I wonderful blanket to add to your collection, for sure.

    Thanks for the label hint; that's a new one to me.

  2. Sandy, the edging is perfect. I love the mint and red together. Somehow it reminds me of my childhood? Can't figure it out. xo

  3. Perfect edging. That sure is a lot of stitches. This will be nice and warm around Christmas time. Sorry to say, but, yes, this heat is on it's way. Start watering now and get a jump on it. My grass is the only one that's still green. Lots and lots of brown yards already and it's only the first day of summer, officially.

  4. I love your throw. I do watch The Bachlorlette. I didn't like Ryan either.

  5. I knew you'd get it right. It is lovely.