Monday, June 18, 2012

Little Flower Edging

You are probably tired of hearing about my Rose Garden throw.

But it's the project I'm working on now and it's my blog so I get to go on and on about it if I wish. 


Have you seen this adorable little flower edging in Flickr and Pinterest? 

 I knew I wanted to do a different edging in white and when I saw this edging in Flickr I was intrigued.

The author didn't post any pattern although several asked if there was one.

So I googled "little flower edging" and was linked to a terrific video on YouTube by Crochet Geek.

After watching the video over and over and practicing on my throw I have this pattern memorized now. 

I adjusted the pattern to have two spaces between flower bases instead of one.

In the hope that it would lie flatter... 

but after working almost a foot in length the edging is still a little ruffled.

Now I can't decide...leave it as it is - a little ruffled - or frog it and put more space between the flowers. 

 It isn't that I don't like it ruffled, I really do, but I ask myself "Would it look even better if the flowers were more obvious?"

That is... spaced more apart like this?

Or keep it ruffled like this?

I think I will crochet a few flowers spaced further apart (four spaces instead of two) next to these to see how it looks.

That's my Monday!

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  1. I admire your passion and your hobby.;) I am not much good at anything, except painting. But it has been years since I held a brush in my hand. Maybe it is time to pick it up again, at least it would make time go faster.;)
    Have a great weekend dear Sandy,

  2. If I may say so, I think more space open is better, because then the flower is better to recognize, more like on the first picture of the video. And the attention is going to the hole blancket en not only the edging. But I'm only a beginner and admire the things you make.
    Good luck with the choosing.

    Greeting Anita

  3. What a neat edging!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Yes , I think you are right, the bigger space is better so you can see it is flowers and not just a frill. This really is a masterpiece in the making.

  5. This is going to pull it all together perfectly. I love this ruffled flower look.

  6. love the border you have chosen, personally i would go with spaced out but both look lovely. would you be able to link back to the original photo, i love the colours in the blanket and would love to find out more about it, thanks x

    1. Hi Libby,
      To follow all posts related to my "Rose Garden Throw" go down to the bottom of this post to "Labels" and click on "Rose Garden Throw". You can scroll through all these posts to see my journey with the granny roses and all previous photos. I've agreed with you and others and I've already frogged the little flower edging and re-spaced the flowers to be four stitches apart. It's looking good. This throw is my most favorite of all I've crocheted so far. Thanks for visiting me!
      Hugs, Sandy

  7. Amei a primeira manta.
    Que colorido lindo.