Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Days Here at Teacup Lane

Our flowers are blooming!

Hubby just left in our truck to run some errands - it's so sunny and pretty out I immediately grabbed my iPhone to take photos of the back yard without the huge black truck parked in the way.

This is a Chestnut Oak tree that has the cutest little acorns. 

 It's getting tall and has wonderful shade now.

See how tall it is!

We moved our old flagstone walkway from the front of our house back here in front of the shed and along the driveway.

Re-using what we had here has worked out well. 

So much better than the dirt and grass.

We're getting some estimates to take our grass out here beside the garage and replace with a gravel flagstone area. 

 Our outside water faucet and hose are kept here and grass just doesn't work. We want to keep the mower guy away from the house sliding too.

We want to replace the small pavers placed here along the deck with a gravel and flagstone walkway and have a stone edging put in around the walkway and around the Serviceberry tree. 

 Then I can plant some flowers under the Serviceberry tree too.

Again we also want to keep the mower guy away from the deck sliding.

That should tiny up this area and let it function better at the same time.

Lots of photos of my zinnias in all their glory.

It's a lovely morning. 

 I'm sitting out on my porch reading up on left handed embroidery so I can start working on my bird embroidery.

I forgot how detailed the directions are for embroidery.  

Luckily I have some new embroidery needles I can use.

Wish me luck!

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  1. You know, your shed looks like a cute little cottage with the window boxes. The Iphone takes really good photos, and you can blog with it as well. I need to get one. xo

  2. Your shed does look like a little cottage. I love your yard it so reminds me of my parents yard. Florida never has that nice grass. Embroidery is very popular right now!

  3. Beautiful Sandy!

  4. Your shed is very pretty, Sandy! Thank you for your kind words and prayers for Colorado! I have not been able to sleep for two days as I am worrying so much that the fires don't reach the Denver area.

  5. Hi!

    Just to let you know, I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check my blog:

  6. Your house looks very lovely and so does the bloom.;) Good luck with the embroidery and have a nice weekend,

  7. Love the embroidery! The cardinal on it is so pretty...I love them! Your header is so festive and cute for Independence Day!

    Oh, and you have such a pretty and level back garden, you lucky duck!