Friday, June 15, 2012

Fun at Knoebels

We took a little travel van trip this week up north (NE PA) to Knoebels, a family owned amusement resort.

We arrived in the rain Tuesday afternoon.

This is a covered bridge leading into their campground next to the amusement park.

On our way over to the park to get supper.

Just in time to get something to eat before the attractions and food places closed early due to the rain.

The next day was bright and sunny.

We rode this adorable little train though the park. 

 It's for all ages!

And rode the most beautiful carousel...with 63 vintage hand carved wooden horses with brass rings you can grab at on the outside end horses and real vintage organ music.

We played a round of "Putt-Putt" or miniature golf.

I won the game shooting par for the course.

They have unusual attractions that you don't see at the big box amusement parks.

I like all the benches everywhere to stop and take a break. 

 It's free to enter the park and dogs are allowed in the can buy tickets (or an all day pass) for the rides.

The park, started in 1926, is in a valley with a creek running through it.

Look close you can see two white swans that live here in the park!

The park has flooded many times over the years. 

 They just clean it up and start over. 

 The 2011 flood levels almost reached the big flood of 1972. 

 You can see the water levels were way over my head (I'm a shorty at 5' 3").

I love walking through the carousel museum.

It's loaded with vintage carousel animals.

This carved lion reminds me of the great lion, Aslan, from The Chronicles of Narnia".

The campground has cabins you can rent too.

One of the wooden roller coasters is right next to the campground.

Thanks for coming along with us to Knoebels!

While Knoebels may not be Disneyland it is a wonderful park to visit!

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  1. It is such a great family park isn't it? Free admission, free parking, and you can bring a picnic. Pet friendly too. I like that it is more flat than say Hershey Park and the trees give nice shade on a hot day. The rocket ship slide in your photo was my daughter's favorite. She's now 25! Love reading your blog and about all the crocheting you do. I've even started a blanket. Like riding a bike, the stitches just came to me! LOL. I'm hoping it's the same with the Granny Square. I saw a cute pattern in pinks and greens and one that looks like a sunflower. Have a great trip!

  2. Looks like a great park. I'm tired of the amusement parks full of asphalt and goofy rides. Glad you are having a good time.

  3. I would love to go there and spend a night or two in one of their log cabins. I remember those severe floods in PA last year, even Hershey Park was flooded out. I love Pennsy! xo

  4. It looks like a wonderful place. Your pictures remind me of 2 amusement parks we had nearby. The smaller of the two, Mountain Park, closed up a long time ago but my MIL and both brothers-in-law worked there in its heyday. The larger of the two, Riverside Park, was sold and has become Six Flags. I love the teenagers in the video trying to look cool on the carousel. ☺