Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I'll start off this post showing you the pretty good stuff like our shed's flower boxes.

Lovely aren't they!

Moving on from the good to the bad and ugly...

I've spent the last two days weeding around our screened in porch and side of the house while the weather has been cooler. I've learned to pace myself so I'm not a complete wreck and all crippled up the rest of the day. 

 No hubby to help me... he hates yard work. 

So...some stuff will have to be hired out.

I know this is pretty hard to take - quite an ugly sight isn't it?

I can't plant anything until I get the @$$ downspouts buried.

All four of them!

I hate them!

We've asked our landscaper for a quote to bury them but haven't heard back yet. 

 Time to get on the phone and see if he wants our business or not.

There is no end to the ugly!

It may take a few years to get the back yard fixed up the way we want it. 

 At least the shrubs and trees are doing nicely.

It's a great night for TV viewing "Game of Thrones" and "Mad Men"!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

It's beautiful here now but we have rain coming!

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  1. I was out in my back yard this morning too, I really need to buckle down but I did ask for some help and it is "on the way", exactly when I don't know. Hopefully by next weekend. I don't think your area there looks all that bad. It will get done. xo

  2. One thing that gardening has taught me has been patience...and sometimes that was the learned the hard way. When I started gardening 4 years ago I started keeping a gardening journal...and I am in awe at how far my backyard gardens have come. Focus on what you can your beautiful planters....and take heart that the rest will follow. Blessings!!!

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  4. While you're waiting to get the downspouts in the ground... you should try the lasagna type garden...and layer some paper and mulch, and grass clippings in there... the paper and cardboard bring the worms up and they help to aerate the ground... and break down the paper and grassclippings all the while keeping the weeds down.
    I'm about to start work on a couple of beds in the front yard...we don't want to try and grow grass there only gets terrible stickers!
    I'm going to try this... I have such terrible arthritis; it has to be easier than digging. Maybe I won't hurt so bad for so long after!

    enjoy...can't wait to read about your progress.

  5. We had Jose who mows for us do ours. Yes, you must find someone to do this for you. It will look so much better when they are buried. Just remember it takes time to build up those beds. You will have so much fun doing it.

    Off to watch "Game of Thornes". By the way, had my Mom for dinner and gave her the first two Seasons of Downton Abbey to get her caught up on. Don't you just love some of these good shows. We are also watching The Bourgias. {sp?}

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