Saturday, June 2, 2012

Look at What I Found at Target

We were shopping at Target for a chaise lounge for our screened in porch...

 (found one we liked which was on display but not in stock and sales guy couldn't order one in or tell us when a new shipment would arrive????  What kind of customer service is that Target???) 

...when my eye caught this fabric wall bird print.

It has the same colors as this hook rug that I recently hung in our living room.

Here are two views in the daytime.  

I hung it on the opposite wall from the hook rug.

Here are two night time views.

At night it looks different and I like that.

I love this bird print!

And it only costs $15.00.

After some practice and reading the directions and staring at the diagram for Edie's #86 I finally figured out how to do this stitch.

 I practiced in white yarn but will do the border in green.

I have lots of chores to do today - cleaning, laundry and sorting though linens to declutter my stash.

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. That is a very nice print and it works great with the other colors. I have been going through winter clothes and sorting out what I want to keep, what to either donate to charity or simply toss. (I don't think I want any craft made with my old clothes, too dark and solid colors lol). xo

  2. What a great find at Target. I love it. You hung it in the perfect place and at just the right height. Did you know most people hang art way too high. It should be at eye level. Hey and did you know that it was Sloppy Joe night here on Wednesday for the Hatfields and McCoy last episode. We do watch the same shows. Going to give that Longmere {sp?} one a try too. And I can't wait for Downton to start back up. Giving my mom the first two seasons on DVD as one of her b-day presents so she can catch up. I think she will like it.

  3. Target rocks!

    Love, love, love the border. Looks good in white too!

  4. Love the bird print, and it looks great with the flowers below it!
    Your crochet is lovely -- I've seen that stitch pattern before but have never tried it. Can't wait to see your finished project!

  5. Hubby and I have been married 41 years!


  6. That bird print looks vintage. I love the feel it gives the room.
    That hook latch rug...very bright and cheerful.

    congrats on figuring out the pattern...have fun with it!