Thursday, May 31, 2012

Check Off Our Flower Boxes Done!

This is the first time I bought zinnias for our shed's flower boxes. 

 I loved their bright colors - yellow, orange and shades of pink and rose!

This morning I emptied the old dirt and put new potting soil in the boxes.

These are Superbells Blackberry Punch. 

 I've used the Superbells in past years as a proven winner in my boxes - love this color!

I always add the variegated vines to each end of the boxes.

All done!

So Pretty!

Our backyard needs lots of work. We've asked for some estimates to do some crushed gravel areas and finally burying the remaining down spouts.

We can't do anything with our planting beds around our porch until the downspouts are buried.

The Superbells are in the middle with the Zinnias on each side and then the vines on each end.

I forgot to show you our little lilac bush when it was in bloom this Spring!

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  1. Pretty, Sandy. Doesn't it feel good to get stuff done? xo

  2. Your window boxes look lovely already. Love the colour of the petunias, we have a trailing petunia in the hanging basket near our door, it smells wonderful.
    Carol xx

  3. Love your new flower boxes, so much colour;) Oh, our lilacs have been in bloom for the past week or so and their scent is heavenly.;))