Thursday, May 10, 2012

Red & Black

I'm in the process of sorting through all our bed linens, blankets and pillows. 

 Which means digging through two bedroom closets upstairs and finding stuff I had stored away forgotten about.

I've wanted to do something with the wall above our sofa in the living room without spending money.

Yeah...sometimes I'm fugal cheap...

I found three needlepoint rugs in storage while digging in our closets. These are vintage old...ones I made back in the 1980s probably before you were born when needlepoint was all the rage.

This flowered one jumps out at me for several reasons - it has the pop of red in it I want to add to my rooms and it ties nicely with my touches of black I have in the room already.

And it didn't cost me a cent!!

Remember I'm retired and on a budget.

Plus so far I haven't seen anything else I like to hang on this wall.  

Red and black...

{{ Iit }}

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  1. I have had closets like that in my home too. I am learning to "shop" the house to change things around. It is a lovely wall hanging.xo

  2. Oh, you did well.;) And I love the red and black contrast.;)
    I hope you have been well, looking forward to catch up with you and everyone else and to start blogging on regular bases again.;)