Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our Cottage Stripes Powder Bath Room

Several years before I retired I was in a local stencil shop and fell in love with their striped and flowered stenciled wall display.

All excited I bought their flowered stencil, paints and supplies and started the first step of my project painting "stripes" onto our first floor powder bathroom walls.

I marked lightly in pencil the placement and width of my stripes all around the room. 

 I used blue painter's tape to keep my stripes straight and neat... filling in the stripes with Benjamin Moore's "Oriental Silk" flat paint.

This fancy gold mirror came with the house when we moved in back in 2000.

I doubt I would ever buy a mirror in this style but I use what I have.

A pretty basket. 

 My solution for holding the necessary toilet paper rolls.

The white foot chest is from Pottery Barn as is the white glass door cabinet in the first photo.

The chest nicely holds the rest of my bathroom supplies.

{{And is always covered with magazines for us to read while busy doing you know what...

but I prettied up the photo shoot just for you!}}

I love the little fabric covered night light shade (also purchased from Pottery Barn).

While I'm still in love with the look in this little room I hope I never have to paint a tiny powder room again.

 I was sore for days after this project. noticed I never got around to stenciling it. 

 I decided I liked it just with the simple stripes.

{{I'm sure my stencil paint is dried out by now.}}

That's all folks!

Please join me for:

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  2. I don't have the talent to paint even a tiny room in my house. I always have to hire someone. I want to paint some furniture and am really too afraid to even start! xo

  3. What a pretty little powder room. You did a good job with the walls. I bet that wasn't as easy as it looks. It never its!