Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!


Come stroll around our yard with me.

Hubby moved our chairs from storage in the shed to our screened in porch this morning. 

 Everything is nice and clean...that is until the yellow pollen builds up again.

The blue chairs are our official "bird watching" chairs.

We set timers on our water sprinklers to water the freshly laid sod next to the driveway and sidewalk. 

 The grass seed our landscaper put down after the sidewalks were done just never took.

The sod is looking good here and in front.

{{see my shadow!}}

We like the crisp, smart line of the sod next to the sidewalk.

Although we love the deep purple salvia it is overpowering this area so we may transplant a few of the plants to another area.  

The bees love this stuff!

This is a ground cover geranium. 

 It is really pretty and comes up every year.

That's a spira next to the salvia.

We like the look of the large river rock in our front beds but it is heck to walk on.   

If we had known that we would have had a smaller size stone put in.

Thanks for walking with me on this beautiful Memorial Day. 

 It's already hot and muggy here!

We may not be sitting out on the porch today.

Please take a moment to pray for our brave service men and women past, present and future this Memorial Day!

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  1. I am in my a/c. Went out earlier and it is so humi d and sticky. Can't do yard work today,that is for sure. xo